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  • umerue
    Posts: 1
    Please, what a "back" button bottom the list of features, i.e. Wiki, Characters, Advendturer Logs... i can't explain better, :( Ok, maybe just at Wiki label
  • AdrianHannah
    Posts: 1
    Regarding email notifications, it would be great to have the option to squelch notifications about changes that I made myself. For instance, if I have email notifications turned on for everything and I make a change to a wiki page, I don't need an email letting me know that I made a change to a wiki page. Someone else might want to get those notifications, which is why I suggest adding the option.
  • robertkety
    Posts: 55
    Normalization of wiki page titles:
    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a feature, but forgetting proper capitalization for new wiki pages requires the deletion and recreation of a new page. For example, if I create a page for natural wonders and type "natural wonders" instead of "Natural Wonders," the wiki page will normalize to the correct web address (i.e., "/nautural-wonders"), but the title of the webpage forever displays as lowercase.
    If giving us edit control for the page title is off the table (hopefully not, since some wiki pages look better with no title display), perhaps creating a normalization routine that capitalizes the first letter of every word when displaying the title would be a better option instead of requiring the re-creation of a page.


  • HumptyHump
    Posts: 1
    Private Campaigns

    I've no interest in sharing my campaigns with strangers and request an option to set permissions for viewing campaigns.
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    Humpty, that is under settings, visibility. Set it to "Private (You and the party only)"
  • Thorvaldr
    Posts: 141 edited June 2013
    It would be nice if the forums had a "Last Post" heading next to "Creator". Or possibly even write down the name of the person who posted last in "Latest Updates", so it's easier to see if the forum topic has seen any activity since you last posted.

    Or having just actually looked at this forum, even the "Last comment by" tag used here.
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  • Savannah
    Posts: 188
    Along the lines of Thorvaldr's request (which I fully support), I would love to have a way to go to the first unread post in campaign forums, similar to this forum.
  • RyanHeck
    Posts: 33
    For the Reforging, and this may already be addressed in the rebuild:

    I'd like a unified campaign main page.

    What does it do?
    Combine both "Home" tab and "Wiki" /wikis/main-page

    What does it look like?
    When you access your campaign, going to (or later: will take you to the front page of your wiki.

    This could cause a lot of people's sites to break, because they've beautified their front page and maybe linked straight to the more gritty wiki main-page. Perhaps is there a way to provide an option in the settings to do either way?

    Bottom line:
    You guys within the reforge may have already solved this or made a better solution. Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the current version. Thanks!
  • NielsH
    Posts: 1
    Possibility to red-link characters.

    I totally like the idea of having special pages for Characters, differentiating them from “normal” wiki-pages. (And, I would like to have something similar for Locations.)

    My main problem with Characters is that I have to create a character before I can link to it… For normal wiki-pages, I can just place the [[..]] around a name and if the page does not exist yet, I will get a red link. I cannot do something like that for the name of a character (unless I want the character to be defined as a normal wiki-page instead of as a Character-page). This really makes it much more difficult to work with Characters.

    Instead of just marking the character-name as I write the text, I have to interrupt this:
    1. I am writing some text on a wiki-page…
    2. … and I come across a name of a character that my players might want to visit or investigate further at some time.
    3. If I want to link it, I first have to save my current page.
    4. Go to the Character-tab and create the character.
    5. Then go back to the wiki, and find the page I was editing.
    6. Open it for edit, and find the name in the text.
    7. Highlight the name, and insert the character-link from the list.

    It would be so nice if I could simply red-link the names like I do for wiki-pages. Of cause, you can not use the [[..]] code for this, but perhaps something else then:

    “((Manshoon)) was battling ((Elminster)) in the forest”.
  • Shawn_Althouse
    Posts: 1
    As a newer user what I'd find most useful is if there was a way for campaigns to be marked 'inactive'. That way when I search for campaigns near me I wouldn't find a slew of them that haven't been updated in over 2 years! Just saying it'd increase the usability of the site, at least for me.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    @Shawn_Althouse- Use the recently updated filter- it will help.

    Just trying to help out.

  • RyanHeck
    Posts: 33
    To add to NielsH's post, which I completely agree with and keep running into this issue... I'd like this to be done with Items as well, as I have to create those ahead of time as well. Locations and maybe organizations should also have the same treatment as well if feasibly possible.
  • Joedylan2000
    Posts: 21
    Id like A Dynamic character sheet that can be kept from 'public' view. So that PCs in campaigns where there is intraparty strife dont have to share sheets( I am looking at you vampire campaign) and so public NPCs can have dynamic sheets with out the GM sharing there stats. I know that data can be kept in the 'secrets' section already, but having the ability to put Dynamic sheets there would be a boon.
  • Soulgeared
    Posts: 5
    Not sure if this has been requested before, but I would love to see the campaign subforums have an option to be GM-Only. I've an ambitious project that requires 4-5 GMs for a mostly Forum PbP game with about 8 different plot threads currently running along a larger meta plot, but we're currently forced to discuss our metaplot through chat messages on other sites and keeping track of the metaplot separately on our own. It'd be so much better if we could have our own sub-forum our players can't see where we can keep on the same page about meta plots constantly.
  • tetrasodium
    Posts: 26
    I'd like to suggest two additions :)

    * it's been vaguely hinted at a few pages back, but I would like to see a linking up with Different from the last mention, a few specifics:
    ** a way to link the two campaigns so they grab data from each other?
    *** ok that one is probably a stretch, I was thinking maybe characters could pull stats/bio info from each other(?)
    ** more realistically, I'd like a way to link my roll20&obsidianportal accounts together so I can go into my profile (or whatever) and tell it "these two campaigns are the same game" so if a player gets invited/joins one side, they automatically get the same on the other. Right now you have to invite a player to both sides then have them join both for an online game. Both sites are great at what they do, but they both do better at certain things than the other where it doesn't do it at all good compliments rather than one size fits everything approach :)

    * a modification to the join campaign button
    ** specifically, either I've never ever had a player use it over sending me a pm with a seemingly standard I'd like to join your campaign message, or it just fires a pm to the gm. With an invite request>the gm has to come along after to send a normal invite to the player> then the player finally has to come along to accept the invite, all the while it looks like the campaign is short on players.
    *** I'd like to see it changed so if a would be player hits the join campaign button, they get added to an accept/dismis/deny list in the manage players page like you have with the resend/cancel lust for sent invites. This would benefit by allowing a "waiting list" of sorts that gms don't need to actively manage & keep track of in case a spot opens up in the future.
  • TranceHuman
    Posts: 3
    Don't know if it's been mentioned before but have GM-Only tags that are invisible to players would be great so you can quickly bring up the members of conspiracies that your players are aware of!

    Also the addition of save buttons through the edit pages so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom to save your work after a quick edit.
  • valvorik
    Posts: 10
    #1 Modify Calendar to permit creating recurring play times.

    For example, "every Thusday 7-10 pm". Make each of those its own entry though so an individual one can be adjusted. This helps groups with regular meeting times create calendar entries much faster.

    Making the calendar feature more useable and faster to edit helps it benefit all players and GM.

    #2 Modify Calendar to permet text entering of times.

    The slider is rather clumsy. Just filling in military time as in 19:00 to 22:00 for the above time would be easier.

    #3 Allow GM's to see "last visit" time by Players. This can be part of the Player page seen by clicking on the Player name.

    This allows a GM to know the difference between "Ted isn't answer the forum post because he's thinking about it, let him keep thinking" and "Ted has been AWOL for 2 weeks, time to pester him with email or phone call". This was a feature of the last message board I used and was very handy.
  • j3hyde
    Posts: 1
    Feature request:
    Allow template authors to include CSS for print media.

    How does that look and what does that mean?
    CSS provides for specifying different styles according to the active media type. Within our CSS files, we can separate style rules into blocks for screen, for print, for both, for all, etc. The limitation right now is that OP, when referencing the template CSS, specifies a media selector in the link tag. This prevents any print media rules in the CSS file itself from being processed.

    Is there some reason that this is forced in this way? If so, then perhaps allowing authors to upload a separate print media CSS file would be appropriate. Since players/GMs seem to really want clean output, this would allow template authors to provide - hopefully without too much dev effort for OP.

  • Joedylan2000
    Posts: 21
    Gifting Ascended status. Would it be possible to make it easier to buy ascended status as a gift for someone else? I bought it at a birthday present for a GM of mine, but he had to log on to his account, etc . Which kind of killed the surprise,( plus my Card company decided it was a 'suspicious transaction' and froze my card until I yelled at them over it ) so an option to pay for someone else's ascension from your account would be good.
  • Jayph
    Posts: 26
    I agreed with Joedylan2000. The option to gift ascended status or a few months worth of subscription would be awesome!
  • Belrathius
    Posts: 206
    I too would love to see this, and would definitely gift a friend a few months if it could be done from my account.
  • Strahd42
    Posts: 13
    For those wishing a Save button on edit screen which moves with your page. I came up with the following( i noticed a bunch of people requesting this)

    add to your CSS
    Note: "Save" is case sensitive

    input[value=Save] { position:fixed ;left:100px;top:100px;}
  • jsbieber
    Posts: 2
    Return the edit function to forum posts and not just topics. I can no longer edit my posts if I made a mistake.
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    @jsbieber, I reported that one earlier, and they said they would work on fixing it.
  • bassoon201
    Posts: 9
    Add back the dice option... did that go away? I liked it and thought it was useful for rolling on the fly ...
  • Viehmagnat
    Posts: 24
    I second the comment to bring back the dice roller. Every player in my campaign commented on it yesterday after I asked them for an Intelligence check on a forum post.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    We use Roll20- best die roller around- very random.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Psienesis
    Posts: 5
    A single-click check-box to select all the Private Messages displayed on the screen so I can throw them away en mass. I rack up 200 or more private messages in a week. Some of these I want to save, but most of them have a limited shelf-life. Of the, say, 250 messages in my inbox, I might want to keep 5... but I don't want to click 245 individual messages to send them to the Trash.
  • Thorvaldr
    Posts: 141
    Something I've wanted for some time, but never actually thought of asking for. I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but if we could have default text every time a new page is created? I know a lot of us have default layouts and code that we put into every new wiki page created, and yes, we can just cut and paste it in, but if we could always have the same text automatically, that would be awesome! ...obviously, this would be very low priority. But thought I'd float it out there.

    DM of "Tyellador":
  • MarkGiguere
    Posts: 53
    I would like to hav the ability to link to a forum post from wiki or anywhere, for that matter. Sometimes the content of a forum post is relevant and could be used as a reference.

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