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  • Calion
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    To my knowledge, no staff members frequent this forum looking for feature requests. Use the Help system.
  • Smirnov
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  • Jayph
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    Not sure if this has come up yet but I'd love to see a 'time line' feature.
    Being able to create and notate a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order, sometimes described as a project artifact.
    Preferably a graphic design showing a long bar labelled with dates alongside itself and usually events labelled on points where they would have happened.

    Much appreciated!
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  • EarthlyRealmsDM
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    This might be very system-specific, but I've been having trouble with the way OP uses the term "campaign" and the way I use it. I use it the way that I understand Gary Gygax to have meant by it in the old AD&D DMG: it's a series of adventures within a particular area or region ("campaign setting") of a milieu (game world or series of interconnected worlds). For instance, Against the Giants is a campaign made up of a series of adventures, which, though designed to fit within the World of
    Greyhawk, can also be set in other milieux, such as Forgotten Realms, etc. I would like to see a feature that allows me to have individual adventures grouped into campaigns, and campaigns grouped into milieux. This may only be particularly helpful to players of various iterations of D&D, but it might also help judges of other games in other genres. Since this is an organizational site and not so much a gameplay site, such an organizational tool seems particularly suited to the purposes of OP.
  • quode
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    Please add system OD&D to system filter

    Please add system The Arduin Grimoire to the system filter.

    Thank you
    Ken Moscardini
  • GamingMegaverse
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    @quode- Please post game system requests as per the instructions "here":
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":
    Over 300 Fans, and Looking for More!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Ironeyes
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    I'd like to request a print feature. Basically a button that would only send the pertinent (center) text on the page to the printer. (If I print using my browser, it adds all sorts of things I don't want, such as the sidebar links).
  • Unknown
    @Ironeyes -- In theory you could actually work on setting this up yourself through custom CSS, though it might take a bit of work to get everything worked out the way you will want it to appear on a page. To do this you would include a part in your custom CSS near the bottom (so that it can override other styles above it) that looks something like this:

    @media print {


    In between the brackets you would put normal CSS like you would anywhere else in your Custom CSS. Mainly what you will be including in here is attaching a display:none to a lot of different elements that appear on the site when viewed in a browser (such as the Nav menu, can probably safely kill the footer and header bar, etc). Beyond that you will want to make an assessment of the different images you have appearing on any given page. In some instances it may be best to just cut these entirely with the display:none to cut on ink consumption, but if the image is needed for the content the other idea would be to set a max-width for the images so they do not bleed off the page ever. A reasonable level for this is usually around 500px.

    For print we should hide video and other interactive elements as well, because they are useless on paper. These include video, audio, and embeded elements. You might want to consider replacing each video element with an image as well. You may also consider setting margins to the page for printing purposes that are different than what you use on the website. For this I would suggest using something like this:

    @page {
    margin: 0.5cm;

    That will set a half centimeter margin to all edges of the page when printed. The @page trick does not work in Firefox presently, but should work in all other browsers and I can only assume FF will eventually support this tag.

    Now in all reality, everything I just covered here is probably only the tip of the iceberg, but it would get you a good start at setting up a CSS rule to cover printing of your pages. Since it can be tossed in the custom CSS you don't have to include it on every single page, write it once and be done with it. Just figured I would toss this up here in cause anyone wanted to take a stab at it and didn't realize it could be done through CSS alone, and it might be better than waiting for a blanket feature to come out for such a thing since it will allow you as the page owner to decide just how it should print out (rather than someone else's vision).

    "Dragon Age: Requiem":
  • Bortas
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    Alex: so would that look something like:

    @media print{
    .campaign-public-layout .stream-module-container {

    Or am I misunderstanding you?

  • Unknown
    edited February 2015
    Nope, you got it, but you need the @ before the media, so @media print {

    To clarify further, the @ being there was not an attempt to use the Textile tags, it is actually part of the CSS code.

    Also, to further clean up your example, it should read like this:

    @media print {
    #campaign-quick-stats,.campaign-public-layout .stream-module-container {
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  • Bortas
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    Good stuff, thanks! I picked up "this article": and I found it pretty useful. Now... to figure out if anyone actually prints portion of my site ;-)

  • Unknown
    edited February 2015
    Looking it over, that article does have a lot of good suggestions in it. I would say it would be a good starting point to get the ball rolling. Now, as for people wanting to print it, the only ones I would say that matter for that would be yourself or your players. Otherwise I imagine it would be more of a hassle than it would be worth in the long run since you will need to track down and add something for every little bit you need to adjust to make it look nice and not consume a boat load of ink in the process.

    Those finding themselves with the need though should be able to make ample use of the tactic, assuming there are no particular issues with it on OP (though I have not seen too many CSS tricks not work).

    "Dragon Age: Requiem":
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  • Bortas
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    I'm still working on this, but I figured I could throw it up here anyways. It doesn't handle "lists" very well (like items, characters), tons of wasted white space. There is still too much white space at the top of every page that I can't seem to track down, but I'm kind of a newb with CSS.... I just poke and prod...

    Ironeyes: Toss this at the VERY BOTTOM of your custom CSS (otherwise it may screw up your other custom CSS), it should clean a good chunk of the page up for printing.

    But put an extra "@" symbol infront of Media, @media print {}

    @media print {
    .campaign-public-layout .top-bar,
    .campaign-public-layout .sidebar-party-members.module,
    .campaign-public-layout .stream-module-container,
    .campaign-public-layout #campaign-nav,
    .large-12 .columns,
    { display: none !important; }
    img {max-width: 100%; }

  • Unknown
    Nice start man, that is awesome!

    "Dragon Age: Requiem":
  • josa
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    some kind of document storage integration
  • Inexorable
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    I would love to see little notification icons to indicate new items that you haven't read yet. Particularly on the forum and on the Alog.

    Don't know if that would be difficult to implement. I am thinking maybe an icon to shows the number of unread posts

  • valvorik
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    The calendar would work better if once you created a start date and time it "auto filled" the end date as same day and time a standard 2 hours later, to then be adjusted as needed.

    It would also be good if the calendar allowed creating a batch of appointments (e.g., make this item recurring same day each [week or 2 weeks] for next [enter number of intervals], for those groups with 'standing game nights'. Allow each individual session so scheduled to be edited (e.g., when 'standing game night' shifts due to scheduling conflicts).
  • Grimdork
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    Custom map markers, please. The ability to upload images to use as our own map markers, perhaps using the already-implemented image storage system, instead of the standard ones. The stock ones both aren't varied enough and don't suit the theme of my campaign, and I don't want to have to upload a new map every time I want to change what the players know about.
  • VyraLove
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    What does it do?
    Causes specific forum topics to be seen by GMs only, so the Players can't see what's going on behind the scenes when the GMs brainstorm.

    What does it look like?
    When managing a forum, there should be a drop down or a button list of whether it is GM only or not.
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  • jshrader6
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    *What does it do?*

    Digest Option to receive 1 Daily email with all the Updates from the OP Campaign

    *What does it look like?*

    An account Option, Likely a Table with Each campaign you're in, and what kind of update emails you'd like to receive.

    Every update, Daily update, no updates
  • Catbus
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    I would like an option to have secret characters -- that is, NPCs whose existence only certain PCs know about. For instance, if I have a player whose character is on a sidequest, or who's a member of a faction, I'd like to be able to make the people that PC meets known only to that player. Having essentially empty listings, with all the detailed information about the NPCs listed under a secret, is an OK workaround, but making the NPCs known only to those particular players would be better. Not only would it be good for information hygiene, it would also reduce clutter.

    Also, I was surprised to find that my players can move around map markers even when they're not in the map editor. This is problematic for markers that say things like, "The tunnel comes out here." Do you have the ability to make map markers stationary except in the editor? If you wanted to get fancy and make some markers stationary and others mobile, that would be cool, but not necessary.
  • Catbus
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    One other thought, and this is totally a "nice-to-have," not a "must-have" at all: It would be useful to have a third category, in between PCs and NPCs: NPCs attached to the party. Retainers, familiars, beast companions, party members controlled by the DM. Separating these NPCs from all the other NPCs would also reduce clutter.
  • HumAnnoyd
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    PDF character sheets would really be nice.

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  • Catbus
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    The social sharing links just appeared. I really don't need or want those. May we please have an option to turn them off?
  • Tau_Cetacean
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    ditto the request to disable social sharing links on wiki pages... but this also tips me over on another long-running pet peeve: ever since Reforge it now requires an additional click to get to a page where you can log-in with your account (if it's tied to fakebook or the like) and another click to get to a page where you can log-in with just a user-name... e.g penalizing those of use that don't want Fakebook to assimilate every corner of our online existence with a few extra seconds to login (a minor annoyance, granted, but one that adds up over time if you are logging in to OP on an at-least daily basis)... can we go back to a more user-friendly log-in page?
  • valvorik
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    Yup I too don't really want my pages cluttered with those links.

    Great as an option for those who want it but not otherwise.

    I understand that indirectly by linking OP pages to social networks it's promoting OP and if we want to run long and strong it needs to do that but in cooperation with users not be drafting them.
  • Abersade
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    I agree about the social media links. I'd like to have the option to put them in the favorite bar on the right side of the main campaign landing page and to disable them everywhere else.

    In the meantime:

    /* Social Media Buttons */
    /* this setting hides the social media buttons */
    display: none;}
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  • RyanHeck
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    +1 on the concerns expressed above about being social. Having the ability to shut those off so as not to clutter our UI or our chosen way of logging in would be ideal.
  • NikMak
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    thanks for the code, social media buttons gone form all my main campaigns now
  • Bortas
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    .campaign-public-layout .adventure-log-post-container.teaser .social-share-button,
    .character-index.campaign-public-layout .character-list-item .social-share-button {
    display: none;

    will still allow the individual pages to be shared, but unclutter your 'normal' views.

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