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  • Thorvaldr
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    @MarkGiguere: It would be nice to have a easy way to do that! You may already know about this, but a workaround using textile would be to click on the top-right date/time-stamp of the post you want to link to, copy the address in your address bar, and paste the following wherever you want to link to that post:

    bc. "What We're Fighting":

    Which will look like this: "What We're Fighting":

    But as you said, it would be nice to have this option naturally.

    DM of "Tyellador":
  • mr_joshua
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    When searching for nearby campaigns I would like the option to filter them by last updated date. That way I don't have twenty campaigns pop up as looking for players and have to check each one to find out that 90% of them have been abandoned for years.
  • Bret_
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    I'd like to request that my players NOT BE ABLE TO SEE GM ONLY PAGES, because DUH.

    I just found out from players that if I'm not extremely vigilant and unclick their auto-email every time I update a page, everything gets emailed to them, including DM secrets.

    Very poor design.

    Once again, Obsidian Portal is rapidly becoming not worth the cost.
  • Morgus
    Posts: 19 edited November 2013
    Huh, rather rapid escalation of hate, there, for something that clearly is a new problem post Reforge, because I know from personal experience it's never done that to me. This kind of thing clearly belongs in the bugs/issues thread, not a feature request thread.
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  • Bret_
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    You assume that I knew from personal experience that that didn't happen previously. That's a rather unfair and illogical assumption on your part. Having just found out, I was working under the assumption that my players have been able to see everything all along, so, I'm sorry, but I'm upset, and justifiable so. The tone of your post doesn't make it any better.

    If you're so concerned with being the forum moderator, though, feel free to copy/paste my post over in the thread you mentioned. I consider it a feature, since it's working as intended (text is apparently sent out with each email so you don't have to click the link to the site), just working poorly, so I'm posting it here, in the hopes that it is changed.

    Have a great evening.
  • Morgus
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    That you assumed a minor issue was something worth abandoning a well-functioning piece of software for was the odd part. It's really not a big deal in the scheme of things: equivalent to screaming in a Wal-mart that because they were out of your brand of cereal they needed to close the store down.

    And no, I won't move your comment over, I'm not a mod. I'm merely pointing out what I know about your issue, and then stating that a thread requesting new features (and this quite obviously is not a new feature) is not the place to put a bug report. Being upset never justifies having a poor attitude, nor does passing the blame to someone else for calling you out for having a poor attitude.

    Once again, go to the bug tracker page, and post this as an issue if it is really behaving this way for you. I can't personally replicate it unless I'm not setting it as a secret.

    Then again, I'm able to uncheck boxes next to the submit button before I hit it There, at least now you have an excuse to say I had an attitude :P
  • Bret_
    Posts: 18
    That you assumed this was my only issue was equally silly. I have lots of issues; this is just the feather, and an extremely frustrating one at that.

    I know you're not a mod. That's why it's so annoying that you're telling me what to do. But I was giving you the option to repost my comment of your own means, since it was apparently so important for you that it be in the right forum. Considering that you also have a poor attitude, I find the final sentence of your second paragraph to be a wee bit hypocritical.

    When editing a larger number of pages at a time, it's easy to forgot to do that even just once, especially when making multiple edits. That's where the issue comes in.

    Thanks for repeatedly being an a**hole while I'm frustrated, though. It's really made the whole experience better. Do you feel better about yourself, now?
  • ketherian
    Posts: 203 edited November 2013
    Gentlemen, please.

    *Bret_* - you're fustrated. You have my sympathies and understanding. It's a pain to always try to remember to uncheck the buttons at the bottom of the page. I don't have any GM-only pages that I'm editing of late, so I've not run into the issue; but I am editing every page on my site and often feel like I'm spamming my players some nights with the amount of email they must be getting! :)

    *Morgus* - you're defending Obsidian Portal. I like this place too. I know you were trying to use humour to defuse the situation. The reforge is ongoing and the best us non-mods can offer (other than the occasional CSS tip) is to ask for patience. I get it. I do.

    *Bret_*: I checked the "New reforged Issue Tracking List": and found the following:
    *Failure to deselect mailing players for GM-only page updates*
    *Issue*: Previously, marking a page as GM-only would prevent players from receiving email notifications. This has stopped working, making players aware of GM-only content.
    *Status*: Unknown.
    *Work-around'*: Manually deselect each player to be notified for each change to a GM-only page.

    Seems to be the issue you were mentioning. I can't tell when it was added, so there's a good chance your post here reported a new issue. Thank you. I certainly hadn't noticed that behaviour before you posted it.

    "Signs & Portends":
    (Edited: Formatting and typos)
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  • Morgus
    Posts: 19
    I'm was trying to tell you, with neutral verbiage, where the best place to log that complaint would be, because the tracker system generates tickets that get seen. This thread doesn't get constantly monitored by Micah and his team. If it's an issue, and you think it's not working the way it should (which is implied by the availability of secrets and GM only portions), a bug ticket should be created for it. I can't replicate it, having me make a bug ticket would be the height of pointlessness, since I can't provide any useful information or examples.

    My second post had an attitude, the first one had none (which should be obvious from the neutral tone of the words typed out). Any attitude in the first post is purely within your own head, which is what I'm surmising based on your petulant tone in the first post, and complaining that making a statement something isn't working in the completely wrong place should get it fixed asap, instead of using the provided (and easily located at the top of the page) support/bug link. If it's really as big an issue for you as you are saying it is, then a desire to get the issue resolved (because it's an existing issue, not a new feature request) in the proper place once directed where that proper place is located should be something you have no issue doing, because you care about the problem. If you don't care about the problem, then it clearly isn't a big issue.

    Also, as a point, have you heard from your players they can see the GM only text, or are you relying on a copy you received? The contents of the emails is masked based on access, so you're going to see everything no matter what, but if the system is working properly, your players won't be receiving the secret text their accounts aren't flagged to see.
  • Bret_
    Posts: 18
    Thank you, Ketherian. I appreciate your response. I wish Morgus' original response had been as friendly, helpful, and actually neutral as yours was. For the record, directing the words "stupid" and "hate" at someone does not create a statement of neutral verbiage. You're incorrect on that. And, yes, the players actually contacted me to talk about the posts, a listing of stuff they're not supposed to know about yet.

    Anyway, again, I appreciate your helpful words, Ketherian. They actually make me feel better and assuage my annoyance, rather than actively inflating it, as a non-neutral statement would.
  • Morgus
    Posts: 19
    First post didn't use the word stupid, and second one reference the pretty acerbic tone you took in a post in a thread about new feature requests that would been better placed either in a bug report, or in a separate venting thread.
  • Bret_
    Posts: 18
    Huh. You really didn't. You said rapid. I can't believe I misread that. I apologize for that, then.

    Still, hate is a fairly hateful and negative term, and one could argue that it wasn't necessary.

    And realistically, you took an obviously upset and angry person and told them what to do in a still fairly negative fashion, after telling them they were wrong. Did you really expect me to be anything other than more annoyed than I already was? If you truly do, your expectation of social responses is... not ideal. : \
  • ChrisH
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    Would love a text import/export function so I could add multiple wiki page content in one swoop (xml, csv, whatever). Also an ability to delete multiple wiki's at once (which would be great to combine with the import function because then I could write multiple wiki's offline, import them in one swoop and if I notice a global mistake I can delete them all again, fix it offline, and re-do the import.)
  • ChrisH
    Posts: 5
    That import feature is one I'm currently longing for because I'm at campaign launch right now.
  • Beaumains
    Posts: 132 edited November 2013
    Hello all, ghosting in for a bit (for those of you who remember me).

    I've been out for quite a while, and thought I'd make a few comments/suggestions on my return. I apologize if any of these are redundant.

    * Great renovation! Overall I really like the form & functionality of the site, management, etc.; and it looks pretty nice too. Could we get some slightly different default colors though? Green+gold is a great color combo, but the 'gold' is sometimes-often hard to see against a light/white background.
    * please make OP compatible with IE (and Safari if it isn't); I noticed that only Firefox & Chrome are listed as supported browsers, and while these are arguably better browsers, many still use IE & Safari, and I'd hate to see people blocked from content & participating because they just don't want to figure out a new browser. Also, not everyone has the liberty to choose or use a preferred browser. Given all the awesome changes I've seen to the site, I understand if that's a major challenge, but it should also be a priority.
    * please make the distinction between public & secret (i.e. GM only) pages more clear. Currently the only distinction I can find is on editing a page, whether there is an 'x' in the relevant box (which is counter-intuitive). The selection mode should be a bullet or a check box, and there should be something on the page itself - a tag, marker, coloring, notification, something - that denotes this.
    * I'm not sure where 'hovering' is supposed to come into play, but I haven't seen it yet.
    * some sort of agreement system for rating threads & comments, even if only in the positive direction, would be a great way to easily see forum highlights, both here on the forums and in the campaigns. Also the ability to sort posts by agreement. Barring that, perhaps there should be a thread or post at the front of this thread that identifies suggestions made and their current status.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
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  • ZacZero
    Posts: 8
    Digging all the changes - a few CSS tweaks def. let me tweak my site to my preferences.

    I'd like to see a full-screen option for viewing maps. This could be a transparent button over the expanded map, or a button that appears to the side of or below an expanded map, that allows you to click it and get the map in full-screen view. This might be ideally done in a new browser tab.

  • Beaumains
    Posts: 132
    Hello again,

    Been around more than I expected to be, and with that I've thought of something that might be helpful; the master links (i.e. those across the top of the main page: Home, Campaigns, Games Nearby, Community, etc.) should be on the header bar; at least the Home, Community, and Help links; the page-edit button should also be up there too, at least until the big make-over.

    Hope this helps!
  • McGravin
    Posts: 2 edited December 2013
    In the "Campaigns" dropdown at the top, can we sort campaigns by current status rather than alphabetically? That is, campaigns that are currently marked as "Playing" at the top, maybe followed by "Planning", "On Hiatus", and finally "Completed"? It's a bit annoying having several old campaigns up on top, causing all my current campaigns to be at the bottom.

    Another option would be to sort them by most recently updated. Or possibly do both and have the most recently updated "Playing" campaign to the least recently updated, followed by the most recently updated "Planning" to the least recently updated, etc.
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  • Beaumains
    Posts: 132

    Another suggestion: We should have the ability to view pages from other perspectives (i.e. what a player might see, what the public might see, etc.); it should be on the master bar so that the option to toggle/shift back to another view is never lost.

  • Soulgeared
    Posts: 5
    Post Reforge there's a few features I'd like to see:

    I run 4-5 campaigns and sometimes even play one at the same time. I know the log in to a default campaign setting seems like it's great, and it really is to people only running a single campaign with maybe additional or past campaigns on their page, but I would like to see an option to make the default log in page just Your Profile's Campaign list. It'd be great for us polycampaigners.

    I'd like the ability to stay logged in again. I made my account through logging through Facebook and it is absolutely obnoxious post-reforge to have to relog in every time I leave Obsidian Portal. I log on 10-12 times a day, it may seem like a small inconvenience but the difference is really apparent post-reforge.

    The redesign of Reforge is sleek and I like the look, but as with all major site overhauls there's a lot of kinks that still need to be worked at. I'd love to see these small changes over the coming months that would improve my experience with this site and keep me interested in renewing each year.
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585

    If you go to your profile, select "Edit Profile", one of the options is to change your "Choose Active Campaign". If you select the blank option at the top (no campaign), it will default to your profile/campaign list when you log in.

    Hope that helps a bit. :)
  • Beaumains
    Posts: 132

    If you opt to log in through your OP account, it should give you the option to stay logged in, at least for a week or two.

  • Soulgeared
    Posts: 5

    Thanks, I remember pre-reforge being unable to sign in via username if you created your profile through 3rd party sign-in.


    Problem solved! Thanks for the tip.
  • Animus_V0x
    Posts: 1
    I don't know if it has been requested but it would be nice to have a feature that allows us to organize our characters in the characters tab. Allowing the Storyteller/Game Master to organize the list or separate them into categories
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 830
    Animus_V0x, just giving my own observations here, but I think they (OP) prefer to go with the tagging method.

    I initially wanted the same feature you speak of, but after using tagging I am okay with it.

    Now if they are going to plan for us to use tagging, they need to make it so I can select multiple tags, i.e. "swordsman" and "Falconaire" and "NPC" so I can see a page with just the swordsman NPCs from the kingdom of Falconaire.
  • ergh99
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to see a "Minor Edit" option for wiki editing pages a la Wikipedia. The primary function I'm imagining is no emails get generated, but it seems to be a use case driven feature that could have additional functionality added over time as it becomes obvious/requested.

    My request stems from the current implementation requiring me to either uncheck several recipients to prevent notifications for things like spelling, punctuation, etc. or to check Email All and then uncheck it which is a little annoying because it moves in between clicks (using FF 28.0 on OS X 10.8.5) (another little thing is that Email All collapses the recipient list div, which is cool, it doesn't hide the horizontal rule though)

    Member from way back, digging the reforge.
  • Grifta
    Posts: 4
    Making several entries to the calendar is currently laborious.

    *A "Copy from Last Entry" button on calendar events* would speed things up as most sessions will only change their date and maybe the title.
  • RyanHeck
    Posts: 33
    My players and I would like to be able to choose who is notified when posting a new forum thread. Currently, it is impossible to do this, yet the user gains this ability when commenting to the thread.

    Also, no notifications are given when comments appear on an adventure post, making them less useful. Enabling controls for campaigns that wish to have this functionality would be very helpful.
  • JohnTaber
    Posts: 14 edited June 2014
    Couple ideas.

    Idea #1 - Allow Click On Calendar Date To Create A New Entry
    Concept - On the calendar if white space on a day is selected the new calendar entry opens with that date selected. Currently you have to hit the link to create a new entry then set it all manually. It will enhance the community because it would make entering dates easier.

    Idea #2 - When Entering New Forum Topics Automatically Select The Current Folder.
    Concept - I have my campaign forums neatly setup with folders like "Session Planning", "Campaign Questions", etc. If I drill down into one of these folders then hit new Topic the folder where I am currently sitting is NOT selected. This means if I enter the rest of the stuff and save it the topic is started in the root forum folder...where I would not like to see any entries. :( It would help make sure that topics appear in the correct location and avoid frustration.

    Anywho...both usability ideas...
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  • Smirnov
    Posts: 5
    Not sure that's the right thread for requests, but i see a few here, so here's mine:

    GM-only dynamic character sheets. A feature mainly for NPCs or if one of the players ha some secret info in his character sheet.
    Add an option to move DCS to the gm-only box leaving description open to general view.
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