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  • Arlough
    Posts: 2 edited July 2012
    Add Fudge Dice to the roller. Really all that a Fudge die comes down to is a d6 with two +, two -, and two blanks. It functions as a d3 that ranges from -1 to +1.
    FUDGE and FATE based games use four of these added up to determine the skill modification with a total range of -4 to +4. The notation for Fudge Dice is dF. So in most these games you determine the outcome of a check by rolling 4dF. Using 4dF weights the odds to the middle, meaning that your ability score is more important than the dice, most of the time.
    ......Dice.........% chance

    Short list of some of the games that would use these:
    - Bulldogs!
    - Diaspora
    - The Dresden Files
    - FUDGE
    - Houses of the Blooded
    - ICONS
    - Legends of Anglerre
    - Spirit of the Century
    - Starblazer Adventures (based on the Starblazer comics series under license from DC Thomson)
    - Strands of Fate
    - Terra Incognita
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  • Wilbry
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    Can we please have added to the Game System selections:
    Warhammer 40k - Only War
  • Thrantor
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    I'd like to see the ability to add iframes to a wiki page. I've got a google maps layout set to seattle for my Shadowrun campaign. I'm saying the streets themselves haven't changed very much so I'd like to be able to put an iframe into a wiki page to point to google maps. The internal map functionality is nice... but since I'm working with real world data... it'd be difficult to put a useful map into the system.

    Also, there shouldn't really be any increased overhead since the functionality of the system would be handled by the browser itself.

    Or, if you already can do that... tell me how. I can't find it in any of the documentation.
  • EarlofBurrito
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    Above, Filibusters & Killers, revolver and sabre strategy game

    Below, Warfare and Diplomatic Blog hosted on blogspot
  • Ninjaman
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    Two suggestions for new features -

    Could you please add a Places/Locations tab. I think Locations are just as important to track as Characters or Items.

    Another feature I'd like to see is the ability to add the entry from a wiki page to another tab without having to copy and paste. So if I do a wiki entry on a character I can click a button and that entry also appears in the Character tab.

    May all your enemies fall silently, Ninjaman.
  • GMBill
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    NPC tag hierarchy would be nice. (Location -> city, or Affiliation -> group)

    Also, GM-only tagging or hide/reveal tags would be nice, too.
  • ToddS
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    Not sure if this has been asked for before, or if it's a feature already available that I just missed, but a mail address box that forwards mail to all members of a campaign? So I could send an email to an address such as [email protected] and it would forward out to all members. Replies would also be sent out to all.
  • Huscurian
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    I am not so sure if there are others who have spoken about this but I'll go ahead and post.

    Some of the important features should include more comphrensive textile coding, especially more complicated tags:

    1. Anchoring within a page. If you check Wikipedia, most often the entries do have a table and will contain 'linked' entries that are anchored on that specific page. Searching for Germany and then finding one of its entries on its main wiki page, you would often anchor to that point. This should be done too here, since creating too many wiki pages and tagging/slugging them could be a chore and can help make others forget.
    2. Table alignments. There should be some informative help on table alignments and how to set tables. For instance, I have a table that I set up on one of my wikipages but I cannot seem to align the table to the right, allowing the text to wrap around the table so that it continues down with the table already fixed to the right. Your textile advanced help did not display what I was looking for so I'm pretty stumped.
    3. More comphrensive CSS support? Perhaps using CSS to code along with textile might help organize the wikipages into what others may want? I am not suggesting stylesheets. I'm merely only suggesting declarative tags that may help with sprucing up the pages.
    4. Pop-out windows to be enabled. For instance, if someone wrote about a city, "Lorrax", and detailed it on a wikipage, the page should also link the viewer to a pop-out window that may display a larger image which may detail Lorrax and its outlying surroundings.

    Other features I'd strongly suggest are:

    1. Additional Tabs that should be created by Ascendants that can be anything: Locations, Vehicles, or even GM Secret Cookbook of Stats. The reason why additional tabs to be allowed by Ascendants is to inspire more creativity and to encourage more usage of the wikispace that Obsidian Portal offers!

    I will add more when I have more to think about.
  • Sorwen
    Posts: 64

    1) You can already do this though I don't remember if I used textile or html, but you can do it.
    2) Start a thread. People are more than willing to help out.
    3) You can do some inline CSS and Ascendants have just gotten the ability to do more with CSS and possibly even more in the future.
  • Langy
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    You can already do anchoring; just use normal HTML for that.

    For table alignment, it sounds like you just want to do "float:right". Add that to the table's style/css and it should work exactly as you desire.

    We already have complete CSS support, including stylesheets and style="" tags.

    Pop-out windows might be a bit difficult to handle; as-is, you'd just need to set it up as a link. Additional tabs are something that'd definitely be nice, though. In order to make them work correctly, you'd need to work out some way to make it so the tabs would show as being activated or not based on the currently-displayed pages tags, though.

    Actually, that'd be pretty easy if you could make it so a page has all of its tags as classes. Lemme go shove that into the CSS thread; that'd be a highly useful feature.
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  • oStRiCh_RaGe
    Posts: 1 edited August 2012
    What I would love to see:

    When making a game allow for the type of play to be listed from among the following:

    In person only
    Online only
    In person and online

    Then allow for a search filter options based upon those. That way it allows people to find specific games based upon how they are played. For instance, I want to find online games but it's difficult to track those games down without reading through every game profile to see if there is a mention of it. When browsing through campaigns it could be listed in parenthesis next to the game system.

    Also, in case it hasn't been mention, for games listed in the "Other" system category, why can't a system name be manually entered to be listed next to "Other" when searching through that category?
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  • Nerdvana
    Posts: 10
    I would like to make a couple of suggestions:

    #1: Wanted Pages. It would be really nice if the wiki portion of the campaign had a built in "Wanted Pages" page. This would show a link to all page names that are in the wiki as links but do not actually have pages associated. Many wikis already support this so hopefully its just a module to activate.

    #2: Edit Button Placement. The current location of the edit button (at the bottom of the page) is very inconvenient for my use of the wiki. I think having it at the top and at the bottom, or floating so that you can access it at any time you are viewing the page, would be a good addition to the functionality.

    Thanks to all and especially to DreadGazebo for pointing me to this thread.
  • Langy
    Posts: 364
    You can do #2 by yourself if the GM is a paid member - use the custom CSS to alter the edit button to Position:Fixed and maneuver it wherever you like. Can't double it, unfortunately.
  • Nerdvana
    Posts: 10
    Thanks Langy. I might go Ascendant once the game goes live. Can't justify the expense right now though.
  • dragoner
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    There is no edit or preview on the Log comment.

    The map feature distorts maps so all one can enter is a square, which makes sure I don't use the map uploads as mine are usually rectangles.

    The forums function is very poor, it doesn't show up on the sidebar so one can't even know if someone has posted there and if you do look at them, you have to wade through a ton of pages to find the post.
  • Syrinx
    Posts: 42
    Hi, everyone who is online right now.
    ....Who is that, btw?

    A feature available on other sites, is to see which users are online atm. Would it be possible to add a field for that?
    That way the GMs can see who in their campaigns are online and games might run more smoothly.

    To limit this to only see which of the players in your own games that are online would not take up too much space.

    If this has been up before, I apologize. I searched the forums and failed miserably to find this topic.

    Regards, Dave
  • Pils
    Posts: 149
    I don't remember who's the first one who note this details, but I miss the old Obsidian first page, where we could see in real time the modifications other GM & players made to theirs pages. It help me to discover many new (and active) campaigns...

    Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery!
    "Dark Sun / La Décade des Héros":


    Dark Sun ● La Décade des Héros : Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery! (CotM - Dec 2012)

    Les Royaumes Oubliés : A D&D 5e old school style Forgotten Realms campaign!

    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

  • Bret_
    Posts: 18

    I'm new here and just starting up my campaign, but one thing that I noticed that this site does not have is an in-game calendar, a campaign calendar, if you will

    I would personally find it to be very helpful to have such a tool, both for the purposes of logging events and also for players to keep track of things like in-game holidays, birthdays, deadlines, things like that.

    It would also be best if the calendar were somewhat customizable. For example, my world uses a 5-day week with six weeks in a month, so my calendar would look a little different from others, I'm sure. :)

    But generally, the calendar could have the ability to make blog-like notations about what happened that day, individuals met, creatures vanquished, objectives matched, as well as allow for planned events, holidays, or the like.

    As for appearance, I imagine it would be its own tab, similar to the existing calendar section. Clicking the tab would bring up the calendar, which would display everything in a standard calendar format. The titles of events or blog posts would be listed on a day, and the events or the day itself could be clickable. Clicking the day would bring up all events for that day along with brief summaries for those events. Any of those events could be clicked to go to the actual event page that it's linked to.

    Anyway, thank you for listening. Have a nice day. :)
  • Pils
    Posts: 149
    Hi Bret_R,

    I don't know if such a calendar is in the work, but in the meantime, you can look at the fantastic "DANgerous Kalamar's game calendar": made by Kallak!

    Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery!
    "Dark Sun / La Décade des Héros":


    Dark Sun ● La Décade des Héros : Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery! (CotM - Dec 2012)

    Les Royaumes Oubliés : A D&D 5e old school style Forgotten Realms campaign!

    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

  • thinkmonkey
    Posts: 1
    Here's a minor feature I (and I'm sure others) would find useful: On the Adventure Log tab, we can edit any particular log entry and check the box marked "Entire Post GM-Only?" But when a GM is looking at the Adventure Log, there is no way of telling which Logs are GM-Only and which are viewable by players without going to the edit tab on each log entry. It would be nice if the GM-Only posts were automatically marked as such in some way.

    More generally, I can think of lots of reasons why I might want to be able to see how my campaign pages look from the player perspective. It would be nice to have a "player view" toggle feature. I've found that very useful in other places, such as course website design: If it doesn't look the same to me as it does to my students, but I'm designing it *for* the students, it's very helpful to be able to toggle back and forth between the "behind-the-scenes" view and the user's view. Same principle applies here.
  • A_Ninja_Errant
    Posts: 1 edited December 2012
    I have some suggestions for improving the mobile site.
    I like how clean and simple the interface is, but when browsing campaign forums there really needs to be an option for skipping directly to the most recent posts. My group just started and we're already at 5 pages in some threads. I really don't want to have to hit next (and wait for it to load on a slow 3G) 5 or more times before I can even get to the most recent posts. Which brings me to my next suggestion. When viewing the forum list it would be very helpful to be able to see either who the last poster was, or when the last post was made. Or both. I realize on a mobile layout space is a major concern, but I really don't see any reason that that we would need to see the thread's original author instead of either of those things. If it's an old thread, we probably already know, and if it's a new one then the last poster would also be the thread author anyway.
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  • Arygno
    Posts: 1 edited December 2012
    In my campaign, we have recently taken to roleplaying conversations and the like on the forums.
    We don't really want to spam everyone whenever there's a new post, but it's a bit of a hassle to deselect 6-7 names
    each time, not to mention easy to forget.

    I'd like
    A) Option to not email everyone by default and/or
    B) Deselect all button

    Edit: I see someone else has requested this a few posts up. All the more reason to implement!
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  • Langy
    Posts: 364 edited December 2012
    I'm going to mention a feature that I'm sure has been requested before, and expand upon how it could be done.

    What I'm talking about is customizing the Adventure Log, Characters, Items, Forums, Calendar, Maps, and Comments sections of the wiki.

    My basic idea is, first, to add an 'edit this page' button to those pages. This would first and foremost allow you to edit the page title and the link name in the list bar. So far, so good - pretty easy to do.

    Next, however, is editing the actual content of those pages. This would generally be a bit tricky, since it's all auto-generated for the most part on those pages. However, I think it'd be very much possible to keep all that auto-generation along with the ability to customize it. I'm going to use the example of the Items and Characters pages, since they're the simplest to understand what I'd like.

    The current Characters page is just two simple lists with headings (PCs and NPCs being separated, but nothing else). Perhaps the easiest way to show how I'd set the customization for it up would be to show the code I'd use for it:

    Player Characters

    [[;characters-list | PC]]

    Non-Player Characters

    [[;characters-list | NPC]]

    That'd be the entire coding for the current Characters page. The [[;characters-list | PC]] tag would spit out a list of all characters who are marked as PCs, using the current list format (or, alternatively, a format that also includes the character's short description that currently lies unused for the most part).

    Another thing that could be included would be the ability to only spit out part of that list - specifically, rather than using [[;characters-list | PC]], I might want to use [[;characters-list | Edgerunner "Rossum International"]]. This would spit out a list of all characters who have the 'Edgerunner' and 'Rossum International' tags.

    The same deal could be done for Items, Adventure Logs, Maps, etc. Calendar and Forums you'd just need to include a [[;calendar]] and [[;forums]] tag with no options that just spits out the current junk, and honestly the most you'd probably get from customizing it would be the ability to customize the page name and the linkbar name.

    EDIT: Oh, and see if you can include a [[;wiki-page-list | byTags]] option, too, that'd give us a list of all wiki pages with the given tags that we could then insert into another wiki page, for example. This'd allow us to not only use those in the revamped Character/Item/etc sections but also give us the ability to set up indexes/etc a little nicer. Even better would be the ability to set up a hierarchy so it could be properly set up, but I'm not certain how that'd look. Maybe something along the lines of [[;wiki-page-list | first-upper-tag first-lower-tag second-lower-tag | second-upper-tag first-lower-tag second-lower tag]] etc. Might be better to include that as part of the tag set, though, where you can specify hierarchy within the actual tag listing for each individual page. Not sure.
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  • saethone
    Posts: 153
    Along the lines of what Langy suggested, even a single spot that we can edit to add in custom nav bars and such on those pages would be very helpful and a great start.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    Langy- A phenomenal, detailed request! I will definitely add my voice to that request!
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "Duskreign's First Ever COTM":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

  • cat37
    Posts: 1
    A way to 'assign items' to players and characters. Like a drop down box in the item creation "this item belongs to X Character" and then in the character page it'll show up under an "Items this character has"
  • Contemplation
    Posts: 1
    I just wanted to say that I agree with DangerousThing's suggestion for a dice roller. It was suggested that a work around to a dice roller was the use of invisible castle dice roller.

    However it wouldn't stop someone from rolling several times and posting the high roll.
  • philbobones
    Posts: 2
    Dice roller! Yes, definitely. Something like has.

    And the facility to edit adventure log posts, please! (Again, has this...).
  • Langy
    Posts: 364

    Adventure Log posts can be edited, just like any wiki page.
  • philbobones
    Posts: 2
    apologies. i meant, 'adventure log comments'
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