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  • Shrike
    Posts: 3
    Adding my vote to a lot of the forum improvement requests (email notification chosen by recipient rather than poster, sticky threads, most recent poster on main forum page, GM/Player secrets in forum posts, subforums), and adding my own forum request:

    * Option to post as an owned character (for players) or as an NPC (for GMs or co-GMs). The avatar for that post would be that character's portrait instead of the user's userpic. This allows for more reliable play-by-post, particularly in cases where one player may play more than one character.
  • Phayt
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    At present the adventure log puts a time/date stamp for each entry at the time it is created. It would be nice if instead of that, the time/date stamp could be edited. Thus instead of July 15, 2010 11:15am it could say, "10th of Mikkelmah, 765 since the founding, Late morning. I suppose a different field could be used for this and you could keep the time/date stamp. but really all that does for me is shows me how late I was in writing up the adventure log.
  • Davidb_S
    Posts: 13
    I have briefly glanced at the requested features and I apologize in advance if this has been previously posted. Is it possible to have a feature that keeps track of when the last time a member of the current campaign visited that particular campaign last? For example, the PC game client Steam has a feature that allows you to see when the last time one of your Friends was on Steam.
  • Shrike
    Posts: 3
    Additional forum feature requests have come up while our PBP campaign grows:

    * Selection for number of posts per page of thread.
    * Link on forum listing for "latest page" or "latest post".
  • Pils
    Posts: 149
    I don't know if this has been posted before, but I would like to have the possibility to tag maps with text only (and not inevitably a link to another page).



    Dark Sun ● La Décade des Héros : Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery! (CotM - Dec 2012)

    Les Royaumes Oubliés : A D&D 5e old school style Forgotten Realms campaign!

    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

  • Baalshamon
    Posts: 585 edited July 2011
    As a GM and Player this feature would be most helpful and appreciated.
    It would be nice if there was a tab that could be clicked to bring up every entry that has secret notes for a specific player. This tab would only pull up the notes relevent to him but for the GM you could make the tab have a drop down menu to pull up notes for any player. That way if the GM adds notes to 10 entries in one night, he doesnt have to send ten emails to notify the player. He could send one notification and when the player pulled up the tab he would see all the wiki entries with notes that applied to him, all items associated with him, etc.

    I hope you guys can do this one as it will help alot.

    "Star Trek Late Night":
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  • Llowellen
    Posts: 15
    I would love to see a section for Gods.

    It seems many of us use OP to provide Campaign Setting Gazetteer information, so this could be invaluable if it were presented just as Characters are but under a separate tab.

    I guess technically you could just use the Characters tab, but it would add a greater level of organization to have them separate. This would allow Players to look up a God, get the flavor, and any crunchy rules that apply at a click.

  • Halimath
    Posts: 3 edited July 2011
    Firstly, just want to say that my players and I have really enjoyed using the Obsidian Portal site. We run a Planescape game using the Pathfinder rules, and use OP to track all the developments and characters in the game.

    Having said that, we have had one consistent problem since we started using the site late last year related to the limited forum application. My players and I would love to have an improved forum application, one that provides more options. We do a lot of our gaming via the Play-by-Post method during weeks we can't meet to play live. Unfortunately, the forums are very rudimentary; it doesn't allow for creating specific forum folders, and our forum page has become a jumbled mess as the posts grow, and there is nowhere to archive older folders without straight up deleting them or taking the painstaking time to archive them manually. I'd love to see something more like you might see on any given forum page, and gives the GM some archiving options if possible.
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  • gkanzaki
    Posts: 1
    Please add Demon: The Fallen and Hunter: The Reckoning to your game filter.
  • bevinflannery
    Posts: 114
    Halimath --

    Have you considered setting up Wiki pages for participants in any play-by-post scene to post to? One person starts the scene, let's everyone else know it's ready for the others to participate, and just take turns adding to it. Once it's gotten to the conclusion, you just copy and paste it into your Adventure Log. I use this method for some of the individual players in my game, for between-sessions roleplay -- "each one has a link off a Wiki page": that they can use for this. (Others choose to simply use emails that are bounced back and forth.)
  • Dymond
    Posts: 2 edited August 2011
    I would like to add BFRPG, the Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game to the game filter.

    This is NOT the same as the Basic Roleplaying Game.

    I also second PIls idea about being able to add basic text to the map that's not linked to a Wiki Page.
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  • thereisnotravis
    Posts: 2
    I'd like to second/third the request for a Game World calendar, preferably with either the ability to tag it with a blurb that can have links in it similar to those in other pages or the ability to tag pages themselves with dates, i.e. Birth/Death boxes on characters, date boxes on wiki pages/log posts.

    Ideally this would be viewable as a scrollable timeline, but even a simple ordered list would help players get an idea of the sequence of events and where the characters fit into hem in a setting.

    And of course, this sort of system wouldn't be of much use to most of us if the length and quantity of weeks/months/years can't be edited.
  • darkanglmarine
    Posts: 34
    I really like the GM+Player Secrets ability, but there is currently no way to remove the comments boxes once they are created. It would be nice to be able to delete them as well.

    Additionally, it would be nice to be able to send mass PM's to the party, instead of having to do it for each player. This would be especially handy for updating players as to session changes and alerts.

    Keep up the great work!
  • Guiltl3ss
    Posts: 1
    Love everything thats on and I apologize if I'm repeating an idea.

    Under charactersm I'd love to sort them in more ways than just "Player Characters" and "NPCs." Being able to set custom categories would be awesome.

    Also, being able to order the listed characters would also be amazing. Like being able to sort by First or Last name in Ascending or Descending order. Or maybe other ways as well, but name sorting would be totally awesome

    Anyways, thanks for such a great tool!

  • Baro
    Posts: 7
    More categories for the character page.
    Currently we just have PLAYERS and NPC's. I'd love to see the ability to add our own headings/categories here to better organize and display characters. Tags don't really cut it. Just have a little "add new category" button, pick a name, and then when making or editing a character you could select that category from a drop down menu.

    More map tools
    Ability to place text, lines, shapes. Ability to upload our own icons, or at least a greater selection of icons. The whole thing looks to be using the google maps api so I don't think this would be hard to enable.

    Ability to lock our maps/icons. I've had players accidentally move icons. I'd love to be able to lock a map so only the GM can modify it.
  • brucebruce
    Posts: 3
    Hi, sorry I haven't read all the comments to see if this has been mentioned yet.

    Here are some improvements I would like to see to the calender:

    1) ability to add notes. These would be things like "Out of town this weekend", "Thanksgiving" etc. No need for these to be something requiring rsvps or reminders or any email.
    2) ability to rsvp "maybe"
    3) ability to add comments to an event (like a dedicated forum topic for the event viewable only on the event). You know for things like, "Ill bring the chips" or "I can make it but next week would be better"
    4) end time should be optional, or at the very least automatically set a time after the start time (like midnight of same day), so don't get error when you forget the time. Also perhaps a more conventional way of setting the time, like a mini calender or drop down menu.

    Thanks for continually improving
  • corrinavatan
    Posts: 4
    Something I would like to see:

    Would it be possible to do a "campaign photos" section, possibly where I can upload my pictures to, say, facebook or twitpic or some photo hosting site (if there is a bandwidth concern with OP), so I can take photos of sessions in progress and upload them for my players to see and brag about?

    In my last session, the Wizard swung from an opera house balcony onto a mechanical dragon that was part of the stage/actually attacking them, and landed on it's wing, when the rest of the party only managed to fall on their faces. I was using 3d Dungeon Tiles and a Gargantuan Blue Dragon and we balanced the miniatures on the dragon's wing and took pictures, (which you can see here: )

    I run a wacky, crazy fun game, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially if I can put them in my Adventure Log, kind of like how Wikipedia shows pictures on the side of some articles. I can understand if you want this to be a "premium" feature to make sure people don't use the feature to use it for Maps, but it'd be really cool to have.
  • HurstGM
    Posts: 205
    can this not be done by creating a page and uploading the photos to it. Or is this not the feature your looking for?
  • corrinavatan
    Posts: 4
    Thing is, I can't post pictures to the Adventure Log/Wiki, I guess is my problem. I can upload pictures for Characters and Items, but I am unable to do so for Wiki pages or Adventure Log posts.
  • corrinavatan
    Posts: 4
    For clarification: Adventure Log and Wiki pages do not give the option of uploading pictures. The only places I can upload pictures are Characters, Items, and Maps. I COULD put pictures in the Characters/Items, but it doesn't make sense logically to go into "Items" to see pictures that are associated with a specific session.
  • HurstGM
    Posts: 205
    I load pictures onto my wiki all the time also into my logs and well just about everywhere else. Basically you just go to the top left hand corner and select the add pictures and then use the simple file uploader. Then you can post the pics on your page. "here": is an example on a page where i have done it. The phone and each of the character portrates is a sperate picture. if you need some help with it let me know in a pm and i can walk you though it more throughly.
  • brucebruce
    Posts: 3
    Oh, yeah a 5th request for the calenders:

    5) Option for event organizer to be notified via email for each rsvp to the event. Or perhaps allow the person creating the event to select who should be notified by email.
  • brucebruce
    Posts: 3
    I would like to see a files section. This would allow us to upload things like word documents, spreadsheets, pictures, pdf's, character builder files etc. Or does this already exist? These files should be downloadable, and or be able to be referenced from a wiki/character/map etc.

    I think for the paid accounts you get 6Gig of storage, but I don't know how to use it.

  • HurstGM
    Posts: 205
    I dont know about importers or anything but i did make a fillable form using google docs. Its not perfect but it works. Sorta
  • templar72
    Posts: 1
    Can you add The One Ring as a game system?
  • Fryndlz
    Posts: 1 edited September 2011
    Hi! It's GREAT that the forum was upgraded, but it still desperately needs a pair of features to be 100% comfortable to use. It is ESSENTIAL to know:

    *1. Threads:*
    a. Who was the last poster in a thread.
    b. Number of new posts in a thread since last checked.

    *2. In the Subforums view:*
    a. Which thread was last posted in.
    b. Who posted last in that thread.

    With that, my players would actually start to use it instead of gmail.

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  • wgahnagl
    Posts: 2
    I agree with Blazej's comments above, though my campaign is using the forums over google, becuase google groups isn't what I want it to be anymore. What I would like to see now that we have subforums is the ability to move threads to different forums (or if this can be done now - please tell me how). I have threads I would like to organize so they are all easy to find and not mixed in with all the main adventure threads.
  • Pils
    Posts: 149
    I'm agree with Blazej too !!

    For Wgahnagl, you can move threads within the forum : open your thread, side of the heading is the edit icon, in the edit page you can choose the destination to move the thread amongst the different subforums you already created.

    "Dark Sun A Trova":


    Dark Sun ● La Décade des Héros : Face the Fire of the Dark Sun... a World ravaged by Sorcery! (CotM - Dec 2012)

    Les Royaumes Oubliés : A D&D 5e old school style Forgotten Realms campaign!

    (And I'm so soooorry for my poor english...)

  • The_Wrathchild
    Posts: 2
    I'd like to request the features of wiki pages NOT showing the page title at the top, perhaps as a toggleable option.


    The Wrathchild
  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085
    I wish the Favorite Campaigns and Random Maps on the OP home page were restricted to campaigns and maps that were visible to the public. Otherwise, I cannot see the point.

    - Duskreign
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