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  • avariel
    Posts: 3
    I'd love to see a Search This Campaign feature in addition to the global "search all of Obsidian Portal" we have now.

    Nice not to have to sift through other people's campaigns for the stuff that's relevant to yours that happens to have the same name. Also, for a group playing a published campaign (Dungeon Magazine, for instance), some other campaign's page on the same subject might have spoilers you don't want your players to see. Or their campaign might have gone off in a different direction than yours, and that promotes confusion.
  • fstkfstk
    Posts: 2 edited August 2010
    The forums are pretty limited, which makes it hard to use them for game purposes.

    I would love to see common features of other forum packages such as:

    Threaded conversations
    The ability to sort columns in the Forums topic view
    A search box
    A pinning tool
    A read-only flag for GMs to lock down a forum topic
    A column with who last commented on a topic
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  • Kalex
    Posts: 2
    File storage is a feature I would like to see for paying members. Doesn't have to be a lot of storage, but the ability to upload PDFs of my player's character sheets would be fantastic, plus we often exchange Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Maybe a tab called Downloads, or Files with a tree view would be the best way to accomplish this.
  • Drance
    Posts: 5
    Please add Lamentations of the Flame Princess to the game system drop down for campaigns (see

  • Lezta
    Posts: 2
    One thing I'd love to see is the ability to see which yet-to-be-made pages have the most links to them. Either on a sidebar or just a seperate page. Would be fairly useful when trying to work out what pages to prioritise the writing of, or even if I've just missed something that is being linked to all over the place that I meant to write but haven't got round to yet! Finding out that a page is being linked to from say, 10, other pages would certainly be a motivation to get round to creating it!
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    Machine tags - or at least a way to make some tags Player viewable and some GM viewable.
    Forum categories for a campaign.
  • Drance
    Posts: 5
    I noticed that you added Lamentations of the Flame Princess to the game system drop down...but it you called it Lamentation of the Flame Princess...and then there's a web address that is mashed right next to it! Could you edit it down to just Lamentations of the Flame Princess? Thanks!
  • d4jones
    Posts: 5
    A dynamic sheet for Pathfinder!

    Pin forum topics so they do not auto sort.

    A method to lock certain wiki for certain players so I don't have to PM character specific knowledge.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161 edited September 2010
    It shouldn't be hard for someone to modify the 3.5 sheet for Pathfinder (someone who has the game that is and knows the differences).

    Ah, just read on the "dynamic sheet site": that someone is already working on it and has it reserved.
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  • dougirwin13
    Posts: 18
    Some way to see the update history of a page (and the wiki as a whole) would be nice :)
  • Ferdil
    Posts: 7
    please add better "print stylesheet":
  • RazikaleGM
    Posts: 2
    I second fstkfstk's request for a more robust campaign forum system. In particular I'd like to have the ability to

    1) create subforums to organize threads.
    2) sticky/pin particularly important threads.

    His other suggestions would also be useful, but these two features are the ones I miss most strongly at this time.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    RSS feed on site status would be nice. It's fine to see "down from" but would be good to get a notification when it's back again.
  • shivafang
    Posts: 2
    "I would like a check box (like the GM only button) the Players could use if they wanted to keep information from the campaign between themselves and the GM "

    I second this, as I was coming here to request the same thing.

    I would also like to be able to have section of the wiki that is only visible to players, and not the public, similar to DM only info. I recognize that a subscriber can make the whole thing private, but I would like the public to see parts of it, but have some of it private as well. I would be willing to subscribe for this type of limited publicity feature.
  • Shrike
    Posts: 3 edited September 2010
    Is it possible to allow the onMouseOver and onMouseOut attributes in HTML IMG tags? Textile doesn't seem to have any way to do a mouseover image, and not having access to the HTML head keeps me from setting up a CSS mouseover variant.
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  • shivafang
    Posts: 2 edited September 2010
    I thought about my request a little more, and what I really feel I need for my campaign is to make the Adventure Log public, but the Wiki private. Though I recognize that the Adventure log has links to the Wiki.

    What I think would be ideal is instead of having sections of a wiki page visible only to players, instead be able to make individual Wiki pages private, so that they cannot be visible to the public (They recieve 'you do not have access to this page, if they go there). This would be done with a check box like the current 'make entire page DM only'

    Perhaps these pages could show up as green text, instead of red or blue, to denote that they are private access only to players and DMs in the campaign, and blue links are visible to anyone.

    I totally expect this to be an ascendant feature, as making the whole campaign private is an ascendant feature.
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  • Yurial
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to add my vote to having an item tab in the campaign section. I'd also like items to have an easy look up and link like the wiki and character pages currently do on the right-hand side of the page.

    I would also like the ability to add a character image when creating a character, rather than having to create the character and then edit them to add the picture.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    @shivafang -

    Possibly you could have the summary/preview mechanic of CMS sites - where an automated cut is made after the first paragrah (unless you put one in manually). The purpose of the summary is to show short articles in a time-added list for emagazine/ejournal type websites. However- the summary of a page could be the "public knowledge" - it could either only show that part to the public when they click through - or if an Adventure Log link goes through to a private page, the link is removed and title text is added of the summary (so MouseOver shows the summary).
  • DreadGazebo
    Posts: 218
    It would be nice to have a place for Archived/Retired campaigns to reduce clutter in the "My Campaigns" dropdown, etc. I really like reflecting on old campaigns and don't want to delete them because of the momento/keepsake factor, but I also don't want them cluttering up my current goings ons. Does this make me too anal retentive? I hope surely someone else has thought of this too? Also it would be cool if the maps didn't have to be square but I have a feeling that's a technical limitation that's yet to be worked around.

  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    It may be possible to store old campaigns on your own website (or someone else's ) by putting the backup export there and running it through an appropriate XSLT. Both my mirrors of Brian Swift's sites are examples of XML with presentation.
  • Grokkit
    Posts: 23
    I concur with Shrike. It would be great to have the ability to add mouseover images for links in the log and wiki pages. It would allow the user to get a pic of a character or NPC or locale, without having to leave the page. Similar to this "Dynamic Drive Website":

    It would also be nice to have a global way to override the style of hyperlinks on the log and wiki pages. The pale blue color for character links is difficult to read against certain backgrounds. Currently I have had to manually override every single character link to get the effect I want. Needless to say, it is a tedious process.

    Anyone have a better suggestion (aside from the don't use that background suggestion :)) ?

    Currently Running: "Return of the Lich Queen":
  • sandman
    Posts: 155
    bq. It would also be nice to have a global way to override the style of hyperlinks on the log and wiki pages. The pale blue color for character links is difficult to read against certain backgrounds.

    Even though I don't mind the pale blue color for some links, having a way to globally select the color for the three main hyperlinks (light blue, red, and blue) could be useful for some campaigns. I think it's a good idea.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    I saw the tweet on updates that occured on the weekend - any chance of a release notes page?
  • Devioushyde
    Posts: 1
    I think it would be wonderful to have a "find a campaign" tool, where you could search by your area and find people who are looking for campaigns, or people who are looking for players locally. This way, a person who is a hard core gamer and happens to move to a new town or back to an old one can find a game to join.
  • tjiddy
    Posts: 1
    Could there be an option to show the Character's "Quick Description" in a couple of places

    1) when you hover your mouse over a link in the blog which links to a character
    2) on the main character page, where they are all listed. just next to thier name

    My players have encountered a large number of npcs and need just a little memory jog on some of the older characters. I think this would help out greatly.
  • Divineaspect
    Posts: 1
    I'd like the ability to Share Ownership of a campaign, and the ability to edit the wiki, with other users.

    We are considering a Dawn of Worlds set up to a few shared setting Pathfinder Campaigns, and this would expedite collaborative efforts.
  • jiya123
    Posts: 1 edited October 2010
    If it is possible to see the CMS sites. if yes, then help me to find this.
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    *Jim here, I can't actually ban someone but let me know if you see something like this with a Whisper message or a PM over the wiki system.*
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  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    Looks like a BBcode spammer there, needs banning.
  • scrumptrilescent
    Posts: 1
    Any chance of getting Desolation added to the list of systems? Greymalkin Designs.

    Thank ye kindly.
  • martiniconqueso
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to see integration with iPlay4e, specifically the ability to use the iPlay4e character sheet instead of the dynamic 4e sheet. iPlay4e already offers character and campaign keys for integration with other 3rd party products such as Masterplan.

    I realize such a change only impact those of us using Obsidian Portal for 4e D&D, but that's not an insignificant number of folks.
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