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  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    I'd like to see some standard wiki features implemented into OP to make it suitable for collaborative work (ie what a wiki is for).

    Aside for storing histories of changes made (which I had until now thought mandatory for something to be defined as a wiki) I'd also like to see *Edit Locks*!

    Very important - when someone is editing a page in a wiki, it should be MADE IMPOSSIBLE for someone else to edit that very same wiki page at the same time. This is a *key feature* for collaborative work!

    Editing a page should time out, and it should lock the page from being edited by anyone else.
  • Yoshara
    Posts: 48
    Saw that same issue today Curufea. I would agree that would be a very needed feature.
  • Curufea
    Posts: 161 edited November 2010
    I'm a bit upset about it as it is "almost a standard": for a wiki. Really, OP should change the usage of the word to "editable pages" so folk don't get confused into thinking the site does have the functionality associated with a wiki.

    I wouldn't call this a feature either - but basic functionality of a wiki.
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  • erwin
    Posts: 58 edited December 2010
    Not sure if this has been requested, if it has then I guess I'll just second it but..

    An [Edit This Page] feature for the Adventure Log / Characters / Forum / Maps / Comments pages.

    I guess it's mostly a vanity thing for folks who have customized page links along the top (besides other things), just to keep consistency amongst their pages, as most of them only have it on their Home and Wiki pages (which have the [Edit This Page] feature on them).

    edit: I'd also like to add the request for the newly implemented Items page on campaigns.
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  • Duskreign
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  • Curufea
    Posts: 161
    The "backup your campaign" XML exporter for OP should also export the dynamic sheet variables. Currently it doesn't.
  • Dragnmoon
    Posts: 26
    One request I would like to make deals with the Forums and email Notification.

    You really need to make it that when a notification is sent out that everyone who gets it email is in the to list.

    Even with the No-reply on it I have too many players who do reply to the email sending it to everyone and instead of the conversation being in the forums where I want it, it ends up in email!..

    Also a Scheduling calender like others have mentioned I would Love!
  • kahn265
    Posts: 2
    Short Desc: Ability to hide NPC "Crunch" value from Players

    *What does it do?*
    It is a setting that makes the "Crunch" portion of NPCs GM-only.

    *What does it look like?*
    On the Character screen, next to the words "Description (crunch)", there is a checkbox that says "Make Description GM Only?"

    When it is checked, only the GM (and if it's owned by a player, that player) would be able to see that Editbox's value.

    When it is unchecked, it can be seen by all players, unless the entire PC is GM only.
  • Caedas
    Posts: 1
    Expanded Forum features... Much of what is needed has been mentioned multiple times here already.
    The forum currently has a toolbar for quick format changes such as Heading, Bold, Italic, Bulleted List, and so forth, but I'd like to see a text color box up there. Would make things so much easier.

    Also, a more workable Characters section. Specifically for NPCs. Perhaps a additional columns displaying their attitude to the party and a quick description? Perhaps the ability to make NPC subsections and organize them according to things like location or attitude?
  • korin
    Posts: 1
    Since most of the campaigns in my area are dead (haven't been updated in a year or more), I would like a way to filter out the listings. By ones that have updated in the last week, month, 6 months, and year.
  • arsheesh
    Posts: 850
    Hey Korin. There already is a search filter that allows you to be able to filter the most recently updated campaigns (It's the "Recently Updated" filter located under the "Sorting" section of the Campaign Filters on the Campaigns page). It's not quite as fine grained as what your suggesting but, so long as you stick to the first several pages, it should filter out campaigns that haven't been updated in a while.
  • LaughingVrock
    Posts: 11
    I do not know what has been requested, what has been seconded, and what has been implemented, but I would like to request a section where you can put in a request and it goes into a list where you can review current requests and vote on the ones you like. I've seen this implemented before and I think it would help keep the most requested feature in the forefront for the developers. It's also easier to see what's been requested without having to read through extra posts.
  • princeearwig
    Posts: 2
    Please add game system TORG to the games list.
    I Know the orignal website is defunct so there'd be no real link for it.
  • Squirrelboy38
    Posts: 5
    I would like to see a search filter so that my players can search for things in _my campaign only_.

    There was something else too, but I can't remember it right now so I'll post again when I do remember what it was.
  • Squirrelboy38
    Posts: 5
    This is not the one I forgot either, but here is another one: an award for individuals that indefinitely/directly contribute something to the Obsidian Portal community. An example could be the first person to suggest something here or perhaps someone who creates a DST, etc.
  • libranchylde
    Posts: 113
    Simple feature i think. what if you like certain things about a campaign, but not others? what if you really really like one page in particular, but over all you don't want to favorite the campaign? Insert Page Favoriting. I think it would be a great idea to be able to favorite individual pages, or even just a "like" button like on other sites. just a thought.

    oh and i do know favoriting isn't really a word, i just couldn't think of any other way of saying it.
  • DocEther
    Posts: 1
    A profile page for player groups. Similar to single player profile pages, but with a members listing and information about the group as a whole. It would be useful for groups with multiple campaigns or for oragnizations, such as gaming clubs or businesses, to create a community between multiple campaigns and players.
  • Monstah
    Posts: 7 edited February 2011
    _(Previously "here": )_

    I'd like to see tabs for Creatures and Locations, which would be implemented in the same way as Items: as simplified versions of Character pages, with tags, a quick description, a bio, a (crunch) description and a small picture.

    * Creatures could store either monsters, animals, mythical beasts, anything that
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  • FifthWanderer
    Posts: 7
    Can you add the standard Fudge dice roll to the die roller? I know I can approximate it with 4d6, but it'd be nice to do it with a click.

    A Fudge die or dF is a d6 with two sides each marked +, -, and blank. So it rolls -1, 0, or +1. A standard roll is the sum of 4dF.
  • Alchemyst
    Posts: 9
    1) Would be nice to be able to "lock" a page, an item or a character so a player can't "edit" them.
    A little like "DM's only" but would be *"SHOW Only"*.

    2) Add new "grouping" for characters (like PC or NPC) : _Missing_ & _Dead_ (for both PC and NPC)
    This would clear up the lists...

    I would vote too for a "group section" (as per DocEther comments above) and "Creatures and Locations tabs" (as per Monstah comment above )
  • rbroders
    Posts: 1
    it would be nice, when im looking at the map to know what game & edition, with the name of the campaign. Instead of just the campaign. I dont have hours and hours and hours to spend to find 1 game. The site is a waste of time without being able to tell which Game & Edition.
  • Drance
    Posts: 5
    Two requests for the games drop down list:

    Can you please add Barbarians of Lemuria?

    Also, can you fix the Lamentations of the Flame Princess by taking away the web address that is currently included?

  • tdsharkey
    Posts: 1
    Can Deathwatch be added to the drop down games list? It strikes me that if someone creates a character template, it can be shared with Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, and Dark Heresy.

    I'll join the suggestion an "Update this Page" button appear near the top of the Wiki-edit page, as well as at the bottom. Sometimes you are just doing a quick edit for grammar, etc..
  • AshenHaze
    Posts: 7
    I've been using Obsidian Portal for a few years, running numerous campaigns and my list is quite full. A useful feature would be the ability to archive a campaign, having it visible on a separate list than your front page.
  • DarkMagus
    Posts: 425
    @AshenHaze: You weren't kidding! I looked at your page and you have by far the longest list of campaigns I have seen on this site.
    Until this functionality becomes an option may I suggest that you edit your profile page to list your campaigns. You can say which ones are archived and which ones are current or recent. That would steer people visiting your page in the correct direction for now. I have already done a similar (but different) thing on "my page": I list all of my campaigns and put up their banner and below the banner I give a brief description of what they are. I was thinking that the description and the visibility of the banner would be more informative and more intriguing than the plain list that we all have.
  • mdick99
    Posts: 4
    The thing I would like most is a calendar function. Currently we use YahooGroups, which sends out reminder emails
    to the campaign members a week before and the day of the session. This is very useful now that we are in our dotage and only play once a month. I was surprised that a portal to manage your campaigns, doesn't have anyway to help manage the actual sessions
  • madirishman
    Posts: 4
    An easy one: please add Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying (BRP) to the list of game systems.
  • Parmeisan
    Posts: 3

    I just got an Ascendant membership and started up a new campaign with some more active members, so this is my first time using a few of the free features too. I've always loved this site as a way to keep myself organized, but if I'm going to ask my players to use it as the place where they communicate with each other, plan and submit their downtime actions and so on, there are some features that really should be there.

    * Seconding Gravedigga's request to show most recent poster on the forum main page and/or Shadowkiller's request to have some indication of which threads have new posts (probably via a small icon next to it). This should be pretty easy to do.

    - I see that jemmasmum has indicated that they change colour if they have new posts. If true, it isn't very obvious to those of us looking at a list of "old" threads and wondering if any have been updated. A column that says "New?" with an icon on the new ones would be much more intuitive.

    * Subforums and stickies would be fantastic, but are lower on my priority list than the Email Notification. It seems that right now, every time a user makes a post they get to decide who to send out notifications to. I thoroughly dislike this way of doing it, and would prefer that each user can choose their own notification settings. (Email me on this thread? Yes / No). Even better if you could do something like "Email me on this thread? Always / Important Only / Never" and let users check an "Important" ticky on their post which would then send out notifications to everyone who has "Always" or "Important" selected on that thread. But that's just being greedy. ;)

    * I would *really* like the ability to do a GM-only and player-secrets sort of thing on threads in the forums. This would allow you to do stuff like a "James and Reanna meet in an alley after the game" thread, visible only to James, Reanna and the GM. Make it on a per-thread basis, chosen by the person creating the thread. Probably best implemented by a "Who can see this?" list:

    ( ) All
    (o) Some
    [X] James [ ] Bob [X] Rianna [ ] Ilya

    ("All" and "Some" are radio buttons. The player list is disabled if "All" is selected. The GM can see everything automatically).

    Threads that aren't viewable to everyone should be a different colour or have an icon next to them or something to make it quite obvious that they are private - when you click in, it should tell you who can see it just before the actual thread posts are displayed.

    * A better way to add new players. I just created a campaign and sent out an email with the link to my players. Then when one of them created their OP account, they could not create new posts or a character or do anything useful. I had to tell them all to email me their OP username so that I could invite them. I know that you can send out invites by email address, but then what if they already have an OP account, under a different email address? I don't trust that.

    So here's what I'd really like to see. Two things, the first easier and therefore more important. The second one would really streamline things though. So one, a place where someone can send some sort of invite-request that I can accept or reject. (Instead of working only the other way around, where they accept or reject my invitation). And two, a password or even just a unique, randomly generated number that someone can enter to automatically get accepted by the above process.

    Here's how I see this working. In the campaign creation screen, there is a checkbox: [ ] Generate an auto-accept passcode. In the campaign edit screen, if it doesn't already exist, the same checkbox. If it does exist, it is displayed here - it is also displayed. You may also want it displayed immediately after it's been created, so that users don't have to edit and then go back into the edit screen to see it, but that's not as important.

    The display message (again, GM-only) when you have one says something like this: "This campaign has been assigned the passcode 192. Send your players this number if you want them to be able to join your campaign without waiting to be accepted".

    Then, when you send out your email telling your players the link to the campaign, you also tell them that number. When they log into their account and navigate to your campaign, there is a button: "Request to join this campaign" and a place to enter a passcode. If they don't enter a passcode, the request gets sent to me and I have to accept it before they can do anything. If they do enter the passcode (and it's correct, of course) they are automatically accepted and they can immediately begin posting on the forums and creating their character and stuff.

    Apparently there's a limit on the length of these, so the less critical ones (in my opinion) in another post....
  • Parmeisan
    Posts: 3
    Other features are more toward the "hey, that's neat" end of the spectrum:

    * A way to disable welcome videos on a per-account basis. (Presumably a checkbox in your profile). If I've been on the site for a year, why do I still have to see them *every time* I log in and click on new tabs?

    * "Could you add an option where you can test to see how the players see the site? It would temporarily set you as a player so you could test to see which GM-Only options are working properly and make sure you didn't accidentally show something to the PCs."

    This would be really nice. I always panic when I put something super-secret in GM only! It's really hard to trust it completely.

    * "Could you add some sort of battlemap arena to the site so I could upload a image file which would be the background and then the players could upload tokens that they could move around the map?"

    Oh man. This might not be easy to do (although it might not actually be very hard, either), but it would be SUPER sweet. Even better if you don't get all feature crazy and start trying to enforce rules. JUST a mat with tokens. A token for each character in the Characters section, and the owner of that character can move it, and the GM can move everything. The GM can also upload any images they wish, and you don't even try to enforce things like whether tokens can be on top of each other. Just a mat. It would be *so* sweet.

    PS. Thanks! Did I mention I really do love this site? You guys do great work and that's why we just keep expecting more. :)
  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
    Posts: 359
    How hard would it be to implement the ability to share NPCs, Items, and Wiki entries between one campaign and another if you're running multiples. I kow you could use and absolute URL but I was thiking more along the lines of the "Share This PC as an NPC" function that already exists.

    I run an ongoing series of campaigns that have interlocking continuity and this would be brilliant.

    Thanks, your crew do a brilliant job with OP, and it just keeps getting better!

    Game Designer, Pro GM, multiple ENnie Award winner

    GM of Planejammer: The Spelljoined (Pathfinder 1e) Campaign of the Year 2011 and still going strong!

    GM of The Planewalker's Guild (Pathfinder 1e) 

    Need a GM? Book me today!

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