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  • celestialkin
    Posts: 5

    Is there any chance you can add to the Map tags?

    Basically, I am trying to turn a map of the family three of a Vampire House into something you can click (aka the tags), and it jumps you to the NPC's page under Characters. It would work if it only allowed more than just Wiki pages to be able to be added.

    Or perhaps just allow direct links to be made into markers?


    Thanks in advance for any help!
  • Raldage
    Posts: 1
    Without reading all of the above it would be fantastic to have an option for recurring events when adding items to the calendar.
  • Tewhill
    Posts: 3
    On the Characters section in individual profiles, I'd like the PC characters to be separated from the NPC's. I'm a player in some games and run one of my own but my character list makes no distinction between all the characters I have created.

    Another feature I'd like to see the tags listed under the character names be in a different font and size on the character list of a campaign.

  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085
    I would like to request a feature that runs my game for me while I hide in the other room playing Dragon Age 2.
  • geekomancer
    Posts: 5
    It would be nice to be able to subscribe to my campaign Calendar (not just download a single event into iCal).
  • zoberon
    Posts: 4
    How about a way to create sections on the character page? Currently, it shows PCs and NPCs, but I have tons of NPCs and would like to be able to group them by town, or organization, or encounter, etc., rather than have to look through the whole list alphabetically.
  • MacMog
    Posts: 1
  • Cernig
    Posts: 60
    I know I'm new here but an option to upload PDFs would be nice. Most of my characters are easiest to export from GURPS Character Assistant in PDF form.
  • Sheller
    Posts: 3
    New user here.

    Would you mind adding "Basic Action Super Heroes! Ultimate Edition" to your systems filter?
  • Sheller
    Posts: 3 edited April 2011
    oh and if you need a source for that, it's

    edit: I only noticed the edit button TOO LATE, OH GOD NO
    Post edited by Sheller on
  • Tabris
    Posts: 1
    There are a lot of brazilian players that use the site but some can't use because they don't understand english or spanish. It would be cool to have the option for more tongues, not only portuguese but also other very used languages. Also, i'm sure that lots of native speakers of those languages would be willing to help.
  • johnnynapalm
    Posts: 2
    could I politely ask you to add 'Barbarians of Lemuria' to the Game System List as I can't be the only person using it.
  • SqueeEGA
    Posts: 12
    I want to second vinsane's comment on the feature request list. I've always hated trolling through forums to see who has suggested things. It'd be great to just have a list...especially one that can be voted on.

    I'd also like to request the ability to connect campaigns together so they can share wiki's. The way I was thinking it would work is when you go to create a new campaign there is a set of check boxes, or some such that indicate that you want the new campaign to be associated with the "older" campaign. I play in two separate games each week, and we're playing both games in the same iteration of Eberron. One of the games we're playing evil characters, and have planned them to be the antagonists for future campaigns. I want to be able to share the wikis we've already created with all of the future games, and really be able to flesh out our iteration of Eberron. We have some seriously grand plans for the campaign world, and really want it to be contained.
  • JustinMason
    Posts: 36
    I'm sure this has been requested before probably, but going to request it anyway due to a little incident a non-technical player of mine had yesterday (when he accidently wiped out a few sections...). I want to encourage my players to update the wiki, but there are pages that, as a GM, I want to provide for informational purposes to my players, but don't necessarily want them to have access to edit. An option on each page to select whether or not a page can be edited by players would be a huge plus (and is a necessity in my mind). I find myself a bit hesitant now to spend a lot of time creating content for my campaign wiki knowing that any one of my players may show up behind me delete or change something inadvertently. I commented on a related post elsewhere, but thought I'd put in my official request for the feature here.
  • kaziekama
    Posts: 1
    1. Uservoice (or similar) for features/bugs
    2. The ability to use third-party blog software (Windows Live Writer and such) to add adventure logs
    3. GM Lockable wiki pages, so that some things just cant be edited by the players.
    4. Character builder import
  • pord
    Posts: 5
    Just a couple of things Id like:

    1. The ability to select all/deleted all for the messages in inbox/sent/deleted for your account. (messages sent and received by/to users)

    2. On the forums per campaign show who was the last person to update the forum/newest poster. This is used in most forums and is easier to see who last posted. Perhaps even with the aid of last edited/posted?
  • ledeir
    Posts: 7
    I was just thinking that it would be kind of nice being able to award "Achievements" to the players in a campaign...
    This would be a game master only option which would allow the GM to award achievements to his registered players from a pre-populated list.
    It would take a little time to generate the list and figure out what belongs there, but to prevent abuse it definitely would need to be maintained by obsidian portal.
    I would love to be able to give one of my players a trophy with a picture of a generic RIP gravestone with the label of "Hat Trick"
    (for dying 3 times in a very low risk campaign)
  • MattyinAK
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to see an initiative tracker tied to the campaign. It would pick up registered characters and then have the ability to add NPC's/monsters. The interface would need to be draggable and droppable - to easily allow for changes in initiative order. It would be great if it could also have a round tracker built in as well (I'd like to be able to click a checkbox next to each character or monster after they have gone) and when all were checked - this would constitute a round.

    It's a lot to ask for - but I figured it was an idea worth sharing and thinking more about.
  • gryphon410
    Posts: 3
    Please allow us to create maps that only certain players can see as well as can be GM Only until later. It would be great to be able to prepare my map ahead of time on the site and then release it all at once when the characters uncover it, rather than have to wait until after the fact.
  • Calion
    Posts: 144
    gryphon410: I've recently requested that feature more formally. You may wish to "add your vote":
  • K_Rik
    Posts: 1
    How about a IM feature. Right now our players game with laptops and being able to communicate privately between GM and player(s) and vice versa would be nice. Right now we are using Steam's IM system.
  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
    Posts: 358
    I would like to request a change to the backup feature. I notice that some things do not get backed up, particularly the forums. Since there is a good bit of in character role play that goes on in mine I would like to be able to back them up as part of the process.

    A more complete back up is a more useful tool, encouraging more DMs to use OP as their principle game management platform.

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  • rsg1
    Posts: 1
    Please add the game DragonQuest to the game systems list.
    You have done a great job with Obsidian Portal.
  • ccfRobotics
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to see a little formatting option on some non-wiki pages, specifically:

    What does it do?

    I would like to be allowed to add a small bit of html-type formatting to non-wiki pages to maintain a consistent feel/navigation method across the site.

    What does it look like?

    Have a small wiki-like text box (which you can get to with a button, same as the "edit this page" button in the wiki). This would allow some html formatting, like adding navigation bars. See the Age of Legends wiki for an example of a good side navigation bar, arsheesh has done a great job with it. Basically it is a small "settings" page for each of the non-wiki pages (which could have other settings added to it in the future when people come up with other enhancements which would fit on such a page nicely), and in the page have a "formatting code" box.

    Thaks! And great job with the site, wish I had known about this earlier!
  • kahn265
    Posts: 2

    Just a simple Ajaxy type thing so that if you accidentally close your browser, or you system crashes, data isn't lost.
  • Dameon
    Posts: 3 edited July 2011
    I would like to see the ability to disclose some or all of the GM info to some players but not others. Some of my players have characters that would have a better understanding of some myths or legends due to their race or region of origin. I have seen others post similar requests, but I figured that more requests might push it higher up the list of things to do. I believe that that subdividing the GM info box into disclosable and non-disclosable sections would be a great way to go about this. The disclosable section could then have player check boxes that would allow the disclosabel info to appear on their accounts but not others; it could then be done on a page by page level. Also the non-disclosable section would help keep some information from ever being accidentally released to a player.

    As a side note: I am also hoping that the ability to subdevide or sort the NPC page is in the works. It would go very far toward player usability and ease of use. I can't wait for the items list to appear within the tool bar.

    Thanks so much for all your work that has aided all our play.
    Post edited by Dameon on
  • JoeHenderson
    Posts: 3
    Add a temporal tagging feature in the wiki or adventure log, so that any event can be marked as taking place at a specific in-game time.
    Link that up to SIMILE's temporal tracking widget (
    Drupal has an an implementation of it, which you might be able to adapt to this site (
  • Uthanono
    Posts: 1

    I'm freshly ascended and one of the feature i'd realy enjoy is to be able to upload and link some small pdf/opd/etc files.

    The dynamic character sheets are not available for all the game system and so the character gestion can easily be a pain. Beeing able to host and link pdf character sheet can definitly solve it.

    Also, beeing able to set some wiki pages as 'Gm editable only' can be great, just to avoid it to be unwillingly defaced by players who are not realy used with computer.

    Thanks a lot :)
  • darkanglmarine
    Posts: 34
    I would like to see a feature that allowed the DM to create or modify a calendar to create a Game World calendar (or possibly 2 or 3 for different cultures) that could be used in game.

    What it would look like: a calendar, with the ability to change/enter month/day names, edit number of months/days, and include lunar cycles, as well as festivals, celebrations, and Diety related events and celebrations.
  • Praesi
    Posts: 31
    I'd love to see the sidebar on the calendar page to show more than only the (one) next upcoming event. Maybe up to three short entries with dropdown-function!? Found that as I put 2 dates on the same day (a 2-day Convention and meeting at the GM's on the first night). The dates are shown correctly in the calendar, but the meeting at the GM's will overlap with the convention, so the meeting will never be shown on the sidebar.

    Thx for listening!
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