Players, snag a spot in a paid game / GMs, post your paid game open spots


We're creating this discussion thread as a centralized place to find spots in upcoming paid games.

GMs, feel free to post your paid game open spots here with links.


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    Cheers! Many of you know me, even though I am not as active on the forums these days. I'm a Pro DM who won 2011's Campaign of the Year here on Obsidian Portal, a multiple ENnie Award winning game designer, and instructor of game design at the university level. I have 44 years of experience behind the screen, and hearitly encourage player agency and particpation in universe building. 

    I do this because I love it, but also because bills need paying. If you have an interest in a particular game contact me through my profile and let's see what I can build out for you! 

    May your 20s be both frequent and natural!

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    Game Designer, Pro GM, multiple ENnie Award winner

    GM of Planejammer: The Spelljoined (Pathfinder 1e) Campaign of the Year 2011 and still going strong!

    GM of The Planewalker's Guild (Pathfinder 1e) 

    Need a GM? Book me today!

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    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

    CotM May 2016: Mysteria: set in Wolfgang Baur’s MIDGARD.

    Previous CotM Aug 2012: Shimring: High Level Multiplanar Campaign

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