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We're creating this discussion thread as a centralized place to find spots in upcoming paid games.

GMs, feel free to post your paid game open spots here with links.


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  • Dungeon_Master_Loki
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    Cheers! Many of you know me, even though I am not as active on the forums these days. I'm a Pro DM who won 2011's Campaign of the Year here on Obsidian Portal, a multiple ENnie Award winning game designer, and instructor of game design at the university level. I have 44 years of experience behind the screen, and hearitly encourage player agency and particpation in universe building. 

    I do this because I love it, but also because bills need paying. If you have an interest in a particular game contact me through my profile and let's see what I can build out for you! 

    May your 20s be both frequent and natural!

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    Game Designer, Pro GM, multiple ENnie Award winner

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    Need a GM? Book me today!

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    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

    CotM May 2016: Mysteria: set in Wolfgang Baur’s MIDGARD.

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  • Inventureology
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    Quick read:

    L4P for multiple games, Paid 19$/session, Forgotten Realms setting, story built on the foundation of player back stories, Music, soundboards for players, streamed, Youtube content, lots of visuals, often custom monsters, I make my own maps, Sandbox, I use Discord for voice & communication, Roll20 for a VTT(I have many of the books, not so many modules), I will have a few more player incentives like maps or mini adventures on Roll20. 

    Most of the details:

    Hello & welcome to my post, looking for players for a community of several games, welcome to Inventureology

    Session 0, will be sometime after we have all 5 players, sooner then later hopefully, to give me time to pre-build a bunch of things. 

    Session 0.5 (I go into depths with each of you privately for 2-3 hours, asking allot of questions, finding ways to tie your character into the land) This will be shortly after Session 0.

    We begin when we have everyone, I plan 4 games, I am hoping tues, wed, thurs, friday, but I mite swap a day for a weekend day. 

    Weekly game (day of the week) 7PM-12:00Midnight EST

    Character Details:

    Level 1 start.

    Standard Array


    The more backstory the better. 

    Race Class Background, WotC preferred, I can approve of some homebrew ones, but no guarantees that we will use something custom as written, if I feel it is over powered, then it may get a nerf.

    RaW rules mostly.

    About the story:

    The story/future is not written, but you can expect many of the things I use draw from Forgotten Realms lore, but know that not everything from Forgotten Realms is cannon, so if you do research anything, things could very well be different, and you would misslead yourself. I have listened to a few of the audiobooks, countless hours on Youtube & Forgottenrealmswiki, and in the past I have used the lore in 4 medium to long term campaigns.

    At some point I will get the players to talk about their characters, and build my story upon your backstories and some things from a questionnaire that I put together.

    Toril/Faerun/Sword Coast as a beginning start point.

    HIGH MAGIC setting. 


    Everyone must have a microphone, and a cam, not that you will have it on all the time. We use Discord for a communication hub, and some in game information. I record the sessions live on Twitch, and post on youtube. I also review the previous session weekly via audio wile building, to build a "Last time on D&D" writeup to remind everyone of current events.


    Most people are great about etiquette, I like to cover my bases anyway.

    Everyone talks one at a time, any amount of 2 voices at the same time and I wont understand.

    Show up on time, or let me know earlier that you will be late.

    Review your character from time to time.

    Keep good track of consumed resources (Arrows, potions) (remember when you drink a potion, you still have the bottle, bottles are useful.

    Share the spotlight, a good way to do this, is after you state your plan, you ask what everyone thinks, some of the best plans are when multiple people suggest different parts.

    Please weekly click the attendance buttons in Discord to let me know if you will be there.

    Lets keep interparty conflict, and infighting to respectful boundaries, so no fighting unless you talk it out as players first, and it is totally fine to have interparty conflicts, it is fine if people disagree with each-other or have other ideas/plans. It is another thing to push bully boundaries.


    It is important to stay on topic, IRL politics, religion, news, games, and other things are not for conversation during game time, it is why I suggest people be early, to chat and just be yourself until the game starts. I will be around early to chat.

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