new in OP, questions ??



Im pretty new to OP and im planing on paying for the service so my questions are:

- 10 gb memory is for the account? so if im running two (2) campaings the 10gb would be devided between them?


- I am the DM in the game but there is so much stuff to write, if i wanted to get some help from my players, is there a way for my players to edit the posts and wikis?


- And is there some seacrets section where the players can write their own notes from the npc and stuff, separate from the other players?


PS: im sorry if the information is already laid out somwhere i just could not find it.

Thank you 



  • ragnarhawk
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    Hi DMzikki,

    1) Not sure, but I believe that the 10gb is a pool - the two campaigns combined can use up to 10 - it is not 5 gb each.

    2) Players in your game have the authority to create and edit wiki pages (guests do not).

    3) Secrets are available if the GM of the campaign has an Ascendant (paid) account.  Those are shared with the GM automatically, but either the GM or the person creating the secret can add other players to the sharing list

  • Kallak
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    Hi @DMzikki, welcome to the site, and thanks in advance for purchasing a subscription. We really appreciate it and hope you thoroughly enjoy having it.

    Regarding your questions:

    (1) Yes, the 10gb is per account and this would be divided for your two campaigns.

    (2) Yes, your players can absolutely join in on the world building process. They have the ability to create and edit wiki pages, adventure logs, items, characters and so on - and you need not worry about mistakes, as players cannot edit one another's PC characters, and version history allows you to restore pages to a previous state if needed.

    (3) Yes, the Player Secrets feature of the Ascendant account tier fills this role. Checkbox functionality enables these to be shared with the DM and as many or as few players as desired. We're also currently beta testing some additional new functionality in this area, so this will be added to in the near future.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • twiggyleaf
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    I will add that Ascendancy is really worth it.  One of the best things in my opinion is the Site Specific forum sections that you get.  I have run two long campaigns and three of my players run campaigns as co-gm (all under my single subscription) and in all cases, we make extensive use of the site specific forums.

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  • cgregory
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    Even with all my campaigns I still have over 95% of the 10 GB free.

    They are among us!


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  • thaen
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    "And is there some secrets section where the players can write their own notes from the npc and stuff, separate from the other players?"

    I think @DMzikki is asking for something closer to a recent feature request that @Conan_Lybarian was requesting here:

    Basically, the ability for a Player to keep their own private notes on the different things in a campaign.  We've been talking about adding this as a feature.  Basically expanding "Player Secrets" to just be "Secrets", and giving the Players the ability to create their own Secrets that are not viewable by the GM, only viewable by themselves, and/or viewable by other Players.

    One usage might be if a Player has a suspicion about a particular NPC, maybe thinking that NPC is a werewolf for example, the Player could add their own "Secret" to that NPC's Character entry as a reminder to themselves the next time they encounter that NPC.

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