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  • Marion_C
    Posts: 6

    Thank you so much for featuring our campaign, it made us super happy !

    Also big thanks to UselessTriviaMan for nominating us (and for giving me some CSS advice when I just started, I really needed it haha !)

    Thanks again twiggyleaf, and yeah session 0 was a big help for us, especially for me as a newbie GM. 

  • camarilladee
    Posts: 22

    Congrats @Marion_C your campaign page looks incredible!  I adore the artwork and the idea that you've pretty much built a system - what a daunting task!  I'm very impressed.  Here's hoping you and your players have many more game sessions ahead of you!  Wishing you all the best!

  • Marion_C
    Posts: 6

    Thank you so much @camarilladee  ! It was a daunting task indeed, honestly if we had known how much work it was back then we might not have done it ... So I'm glad we didn't know hahaha !

    Wishing you the best too

  • UselessTriviaMan
    Posts: 532

    Congratulations to @Marion_c and friends!

    Ptolus, City by the Spire - 2016 Campaign of the Year

    "Please pay attention very carefully, because this is the truest thing a stranger will ever say to you: In the face of such hopelessness as our eventual, unavoidable death, there is little sense in not at least TRYING to accomplish all your wildest dreams in life."  - - Kevin Smith

  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,915

    Congratulations to @Marion_c and friends!  This is a really unique campaign! 

    Just trying to help out.

  • Marion_C
    Posts: 6

    Thank you both @GamingMegaverse and @UselessTriviaMan

  • Vanillabean
    Posts: 4

    Congrats to Mallorylover23 and crew for winning our November 21 Campaign of the Month with their campaign: Star Trek Odyssey: Laurels of Victory! Get some behind the scenes tips and insights by reading their interview here!

  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 1,811

    Congratulations to Mallorylover23 and Team!

    "Just say YES!"  (Great interview)




    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,915

    Let's just rename the award the HummAnnoyd award- congrats on another great site!

    Just trying to help out.

  • HumAnnoyd
    Posts: 291

    Well, it is Mallorylover23's campaign. I did the design work for the site at his direction.  He was the one who insisted on the LCARs look.  And you guys here on the forum are the only reason I got it to work. It was not easy to do.  

    It is a fun campaign and MalloryLover23 is doing a great job as DM.  

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