PhD research into game wikis.


Hi all,  I'm Joe Arnaud, I am currently doing a PhD looking at 'TRPGs as literature' at Christchurch Canterbury University. As part of that, I am presently looking at RPG campaign wikis as a form of transformational hypertext literature. With the kind permission of the admins, I've posted this short poll to help with my research. (possibly the first of many)  As per good research ethics, here is my disclaimer.

  • This data is intended as an entry point for discussion in my research.

  •  I won't share the names or details of any poll respondents, and they won't be recorded anywhere but on this forum in the usual manner of OP community polls.

  • If I  use this data directly in a paper or my thesis, It will include and reference and link to this forum, so others might come and look at my original data. They would have to go through OP's normal channels for accessing the community space.


Contributing to and reading wikis
  1. How do you contribute to wikis?10 votes
    1. Contribute as a GM
    2. Contribute as a player
    3. Contribute as both a GM and player
  2. Do you read the wikis of other people?10 votes
    1. Yes.
    2. No
  3. Do you want other people (non-players in the game) reading your wikis?10 votes
    1. Yes - I want others to read my wiki
    2. No - its only for the players in the game


  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
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    Great effort! 

    I won't be surprised if for the first question you won't get any answers of "contribute as a player" as I think there are almost only GM's in the forums, so there's going to be a respondent bias. If you want to get data from players I will be happy to send on anonymous surveys, surveymonkey and google forms and the like, in my social circle. 

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  • Joedylan2000
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    Thanks!   At this stage, I am considering the sample selection for this poll a feature, not a bug. (as long as I get a few more responses )   As my research progresses I will have to dig in to widen my survey pools, maybe even do some interviews with wiki creators.  At this point, I would be very grateful for any help.  

  • Abersade
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    Interesting. Responded to the poll.


    I had a lot more typed out here but it occurred to me that putting it in may alter the poll results, ergo I stripped it out before replying.

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  • twiggyleaf
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    I also responded.  I hope it helps with your research.


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