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Is there an option I'm not seeing to allow me to mark all unread discussions as read? If not, can this be added? I've been mass-opening all topics with unread flags just to clear their flags. Thanks.



  • thaen
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    I don't see a way to mark everything as "read" in this forum for a particular user.  (These forums are a separate software from OP itself, and we mostly just have access to change settings.)

    But what I do is I always go to the "discussions":

    That's all of the threads, ignoring categories, listed in order of "last updated". 

    Then I opened a number of them going back about a month.  That has left a gap between the "unread" new ones that I want to read (at the top), and the "unread" old ones that I'm not going to read (near the bottom), separated by the "read" ones that I opened and/or have read (middle).

    Obsidian Portal Developer

  • Krothos
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    Thanks. That's about what I'm doing currently.

  • weasel0
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    There's still not too heavy a posting continuity here so I try to visit at least once a week and there's not that many oosts to read through. Takes 5-20 min depending on how heavy people have been. 

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