Do players have to be co-gms or gms in order to edit wiki pages?


I'm not sure which options control that; can anyone help me with this issue? I'd like to allow my players to edit the wiki. Do I need to promote them all to co-GM? And if I do, would that mean they automatically see all the secrets?


  • cgregory
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    No, players can edit wiki pages without special permissions. They just need to be invited to the campaign. The only thing that they can't edit are characters and items assigned to a different player.

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  • Kallak
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    With respects to secret/hidden things, the setup is as follows:

    For Player Secrets, only the player or players who are selected via the contained checkboxes can see a given Player Secret.

    For the GM-only section on pages, and those pages (or entities) that have been set to be entirely GM-only, they are not visible to any player - unless that player has been set as a Co-GM in the Players area of the campaign's Settings tab.

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  • Krothos
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    If you're worried about whether your players will edit the Wiki pages, there is some CSS code you can use to help prevent it. Let me know if you're interested (send me a PM).


  • itaigreif
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    Thank you very much! You helped me a lot.

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