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Hey all,


So I'm setting up my new campaigns Portal and I realized all too late that anyone can view the entire edit history of a page. I wrote a lot of story spoilers and notes on many of the pages before changing them to what they would be eventually. How can I turn off the "show edit history" button / ability?


Additionally, how may I set it so only GM status participants may edit pages? I trust my players, but they are jokesters. I wouldn't put it past them for a second to secretly edit a page to have ". . . is the greatest General the land has ever seen, and a huge jerk." 


  • Krothos
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    Hey Endrek,

    I have the same concerns as you. Don't believe there is an option to make these features GM only. Maybe Kallak can have this feature added!  :)

    In meantime, you can "hide" these using CSS, as I have done in my campaign.

    I don't know the CSS to disable the player's ability to see the archives icon (would love for someone to provide it through).

    ~ Krothos



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  • Krothos
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  • Krothos
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    Looking further into previous version history link for the Wikis, it appears that any player can view and restore an archived page. Very dangerous. This really should be a GM only option by default by OP developers. Kallak?



  • ragnarhawk
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    Using Krothos' code to remove the Edit function, I came up with this - which should do the same thing for the Archives icon:

    .campaign-member div.revisions-link-container .revisions-link { display:none }

    .campaign-game-master div.revisions-link-container .revisions-link { display:inline }


  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Requests for GM-only-editing have been bandied about since the first days of Obsidian Portal.

    To be entirely honest, I don't know of a single instance where a GM's fears of players sabotaging the wiki have actually happened. (Granted, I myself haven't been around since OP's beginning, but I've never even heard of anything spiteful like this ever actually occurring.)

    Frankly, it's a much more difficult challenge to get players to actually contribute to a campaign wiki at all. My players participated early in the campaign (thanks to the use of Hero Points), but now that everyone has built up a nice stockpile of Hero Points I can barely get them to even log into their OP accounts these days...

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  • Krothos
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    While I find what UTM says to be mostly true, it doesn't invalidate out concern.  :)


  • Johnprime
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    I would never say it wouldn't happen, but with the 3 different groups I game with where I use OP, I've only had 1 participate with updating things in OP beyond their characters and even then it was like pulling teeth to get them to do it. In fact, I can barely get my players to update their characters!

    So if you guys can get your players involved enough for them to even spitefully modify the wiki, you've got more involved players than I do!

    By the way, my player ages range from their 50s to a couple of 19 year olds, so I've got a wide range of people available who have various levels of technological experience, but all are comfortable using computers.

    What I would say is make sure you keep a copy of everything you put into your wiki, either in something like Word or Notepad and that way, if one of your players does do a malicious edit, you can always revert it. At least until the powers that be at OP make it so there are GM only edit functions.


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  • Endrek
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    Well . . . my main worry here was about the Editing History being shown, as stated above how I kind of wrote cliff notes on a lot of pages at first. :\ 


    The actual editing of the page isn't too big of a deal, was just a side query really. :(

    EDIT: As was pointed out to me, this was already given a method to be fixed! Sorry! I'm recovering from a bad flu and . . . well also I'm an idiot. Professionally. So . . . there's that. :)

    Thanks again! Sorry for my chosen profession.
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  • Lwitherspoon
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    I have a similar concern. I really don't like the fact that players can see the names of the pages I've been working on by glancing down at my recent activity. Let's say the party was in the coastal city of Rimekeep. The day before we get together they log in to OP only to see that I've been working on a page called idk..."Tsunami Destroys Rimekeep" or maybe "(NPC Name) Betrays Party". 

    Is there a simple way to prevent this that I'm not aware of? Seems like a bad idea 

  • Kallak
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    So I only glanced at this topic before. Spotted someone giving CSS code to hide editing from players and assumed that things were mostly all set (as a point of order for the future, if you're wanting to get my input on something, please use the @Kallak so that I get that nifty pop up thing letting me know someone mentioned me specifically - I try to follow the discussions, but sometimes if I'm doing something else at the same time or moving quickly, I'll just skim).

    Having said all of that, I can certainly understand any GM who's wary of their players making malicious edits or otherwise causing problems. We all want our players to contribute - but allowing them to have free reign can be scary and potentially dangerous. Permissions is an area that quite frankly could stand a review and perhaps some expansion of GM capabilities to manage them some more. Generally, players can't do TOO much damage, but there are always exceptions or minor unintended holes in 'coverage'. As an example, I was doing some reviewing on Co-GMs and found that while they can't delete entities (wiki pages, characters, etc..) usually, they can delete adventure logs.

    So, yes this is definitely an area I think I can talk the right people into giving some focus on for important issues, and potentially some updates.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
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