How can things go faster?

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I appreciate new features and such, but I would rather be able to use the ones already available. The speed of the site while editing or even navigating sometimes, is unbelievably slow. It can take a few to 15-20 seconds to save an edit. This makes using the site incredibly frustrating. After just recently upgrading to Ascendant, I am starting to regret the investment and am eyeing other alternatives. 

I notice that a big hangout seems to be "sending request to" and then "waiting on obsidian portal". Why is anything getting sent to Facebook, and what exactly is getting sent? 

I love how this system works, but I cannot tolerate how slow things are. Is there some hope that things will improve... soon?

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    This delay isn't normal, actually. I know they're working to fix some related problems behind the scenes, so this new symptom is very likely tied to that process.


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    There is indeed work being done behind the scenes. It'll be in my weekly update post a bit later tonight, but in a nutshell, there's an overhaul of the site's underlying infrastructure underway, so stay tuned for more details on that.

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