If Ascendant Membership Ends


If after upgrading to Ascendant membership, what happens to campaign content if my membership reverts back to free? Does everything revert to Public view? I DM prt time for a group so I won't always be actively running a game. I'd rather not pay when I'm not running, but also don't wnt people rummaging throughout my information if everything becomes visible if I don't keep Ascendant level membership.


  • Kallak
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    Hey @skridlowe, the general rule (in a nutshell) is that you don't lose anything that you have set into place, but you can't do anything new or make any changes that are in Ascendant "territory". So in this case, your campaign won't become publicly visible, but you wouldn't be able to make another campaign private, or change the privacy of this campaign from private to friends, etc.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • skridlowe
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    Excellent, this was just the information I was looking for, thanks!

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