Update #6 - Welcome our New Community Manager


Hi Everyone,

We have some exciting news!

We now have an official community and content manager here on Obsidian Portal – Dan (aka @Kallak) As a long-standing member, a member of the inner council and being responsible for releasing the Campaigns of the Month on the blog, he was a natural choice.

I would like to officially welcome @Kallak as the shiny new Obsidian Portal community manager - you’ll be seeing more content from him here on the forums as well as the blog in the near future.

Plus he’ll keep you posted on the new features and tech updates we’re working on to take Obsidian Portal to the next level. If you’ve got content ideas for the site – please share them with @Kallak!

Thanks guys!


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  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090

    Greetings OP community,

    It's my hope that enough of you have known me (or at least known of me) for long enough that you can put your trust in me and not have to worry that it is ill-founded. I've been a part of this community for many years, and I've been here through the good times and the bad times. I've volunteered to help keep the user-led initiatives alive, and do what I could to serve and assist this community in whatever ways were possible as 'merely' a user.

    Now I'm both thrilled and honored to be able to step into this new role, and work in an official capacity. I want to help make this site into the truly awesome place we all know it can be. To that end, I'll be working on content, soliciting feedback, getting the inside scoop from the back end to bring to you, and taking your concerns and feedback to the powers that be on the other side; in a nutshell, whatever I can to make the dream we all have for OP into a reality. (I'll even be working to get my blog posts out on time!)

    Thanks for reading, and for your support. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, ideas or feedback.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • UselessTriviaMan
    Posts: 546

    This is some of the best news I've heard around here in YEARS.

    Congratulations Kallak, and welcome aboard!

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  • weasel0
    Posts: 435

    May your reign be longer than the last 5 combined. 

  • Johnprime
    Posts: 252

    Congrats Kallak! Enjoy the position, I know you'll do right by us!


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  • Krothos
    Posts: 230 edited April 2018

    Congrats Kallak! Any new technical features or updates you can share? It been a couple of weeks since Update #5. :-)

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  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 2,000

    Fantastic news Kallak and congratulations.  OP is looking up!



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  • Bortas
    Posts: 645

    This is fantastic news, what a great resource he already is to the community. Congratulations!


  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090

    @Krothos, if you haven't seen it yet, I've posted the unveil blurb for the freshly released Ascendant Gifting feature, so that's the noteworthy news right this second. I'll be posting more such things as time goes on and changes/features come. Additionally, my new role gives me the opportunity to revive my original plan to have a site and tech updates post for the blog every few months.

    I've long been vexed by my inability to keep that promise ever since there was a changing of the guard and my connection to news from the back end was lost. It's really great to be able to take up that mission once more.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Torg_Smith
    Posts: 10

    Glad to hear some life rolling in.

  • Keryth987
    Posts: 1,040

    Congrats Kallak

  • JaymesBolton
    Posts: 278

    Congratulations! Well deserved and good news!

  • Abersade
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  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 2,994

    A better person could not have been chosen!  Congrats!

    Does this mean a return of OP to twitter and facebook?

    Just trying to help out.

  • weasel0
    Posts: 435

    there is occasional twitter activity. The copyright infringement takedown of OP was explained by OP on twitter as was the recent Ascendance Gift ability. That was just announced a bit ago by OP on twitter.

  • deljohn
    Posts: 24

    Congratulations and welcome. Great to see this service coming back to life!

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