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New to O.P.
Was originally at the RPTools forums until our group became thread stalked by a disgruntled ex-player.
We moved to Epic Words but soon discovered that a good deal of those who peruse those forums do so only "accidently".
(Seriously, THEIR words....not
So, our group has now decided to try this place out in the hopes of scaring up some players for our GURPS Shadowfell campaign and a GURPS Star Wars: The Dark Times converted "mini-adventure".
I have been a player of table top rpgs since The D&D Basic boxed set was released.
I have been a GM of table top rpg since TSR released the original Gamma World as "Metamorphosis Alpha".
Have tried many gaming systems over the years including:

- D&D Basic through AD&D 3e and 4e (But not 3.5e or Pathfinder....odd isn't it?).
- Gamma World (Pretty much all of it including the latest "card enhanced" my eternal shame).
- Heroes Unlimited
- Champions
- Villains & Vigilantes (The system had MAJOR flaws in it but we had a lotta fun playin' THAT one).
- Marvel Superheroes (We learned it but only managed to complete one or two combats).
- Robotech
- TMNT (Meh).
- Rifts (Meh).
- Skyrealms of Jorune (Meh).
- MERPS (The critical hit tables were AWESOME!).
- Paranoia (Tried 15 times....NEVER finished a SINGLE adventure and we TRIED....LOADS of fun THAT one was!).
- Star Fleet Battles (I LOVED playing the Kzinti).
- Battletech
- Twilight 2000 (Meh).
- James Bond
- Star Frontiers
- Traveller (Pretty much all of it!)
- Universe (VERY different, but fun.)
- TSR's Boot Hill (Meh Squared).
- TSR's Top Secret (Meh Cubed).
- FASA Star Trek (Meh to the fourth power).
- Shadowrun (I STILL have a room full of d6's we used JUST for that game!)
- Star Wars d6 (Almost the last time a room full of d6's came in handy)
- Star Wars d20
- Star Wars d20 Saga
- SJG's Ogre
- SJG's Car Wars
- GURPS 1e through 4e (My poison of choice, especially since Power-Ups 5: Impulse Buys released!)

Whew....all that and I'm sure I have forgotten a few.
I currently play exclusively online with Maptools 1.3b87.
Am hoping to attract a few less "accidental gamers".
Oh, and I have no clue how to change my Avatar without going to the Avatar Art website in the process.
(THAT'S kinda annoying)
That pretty much concludes the story of, please return your trays to the upright positions and fasten your safety belts.



  • GamingMegaverse
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    Welcome to the portal. I suggest you try "Looking For Players": . This has links to a number of suggestions, including pen and paper games. I have found players for my game at pen and paper myself.
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":

    Just trying to help out.

  • NinjaFlashX
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    Welcome to OP! Your Paranoia entry made me laugh. We had the same issues. Everyone was to busy trying to backstab each other, but it was a blast.

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  • twiggyleaf
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    Welcome home, Adenides

    Lots of gaming under your belt, I see. I hope you get settled quickly and that your team soon feel comfortable on this very friendly platform.

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  • Adenides
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    Thank you for the welcome folks.
    I had to drop by to comment on NinjaFlashX.
    You are SO right about Paranoia!
    After about half a dozen games we began to realize that anyone who actually ever said they completed a single Paranoia adventure was either lying through his teeth or wasn't playing it right!
    One of the few games where I REALLY enjoyed being a player versus being a GM.
    Each senario we became embroiled in had all the "classic earmarks" of a Paranoia game.
    It wasn't long until everyone spent at least a hour of gametime BEFORE every adventure technically begins, just sabotaging everyone elses gear!
    Someone was ALWAYS dishonestly betrayed by another player....ANDY!!!
    Someone was ALWAYS crisped by expiramental technology....usually Lewis. Once he blew up SO spectacularly with an expiramental particle accelerator and he not only took out the entire party on his FIRST shot....but an entire city with it. (We ruled friend "Computer" decided his genetic code had been "tampered with" and it arbitrarily killed his entire clone family, just to be sure he couldn't do it twice!)
    Someone was ALWAYS dying in such a fashion that once it had occured, the only thing anyone could say was: "Dayum....THAT was SO obvious. How did we NOT see that coming!?!" In a game where everyone dies in the most unbelievable ways, the normal ways of expiration seem to slip players minds! Like stepping off the curb at the adventures start and getting smeared by a bus....but SURVIVING....until the driver decides to back up and ask the blood soaked, "in-a-state-of-shock" heroes what it was he just hit:

    "I'm not dead yet....I'm getting better....think I'll go for a walk....I feel happy-SPLAT!!!!"

    Someone was ALWAYS betrayed by the Computer for being too one likes a kiss @$$!
    (Our "most benevolent" Computer had the voice of "Martin the Martian" and it was always "very angry indeed" whenever the players interacted with it.)
    OH, and someone ALWAYS "wanders off", never to be seen again by the others till game's end (SOMEONE had to make it!) one would even suspect someone was missing because our clone batches were defective and NOBODY in the group could count!!!

    L: "Weren't there five of us before, now there's only four?"
    C: "You've been drinking again haven't you, whenever you start drinking, you forget: WE-CAN'T-COUNT!!"
    L: "Why can't we count again?"
    H: "Because we live in a world where anything but zero and one gets you taken away for re-education?"
    D: "Yes, because people who count are traitors!"
    A: "Does that mean we can shoot him now?"
    D: "Y'know, I think it does...."
    L: "WAIT!!! You can't shoot me....I'm the only medic!?!"
    C: "Is that true?"
    A: "Oh, I MIGHT be?"
    D: "We can't take that chance....YOU are now our new Medic."
    C: "But I'm a DEMOLITIONS expert!?!"
    H: "EXPERT!?! All you ever do is carry the stuff, get shot and BLOW-UP!!!"
    C: "Takes years of practice to frak up like I think just anyone can just do that!?!"
    D: "So when he blows up this time, he'll ALSO be putting a suffering patient out of his misery as well."
    A: "My HERO!"
    H: "Haven't we forgotten something?"
    D: "What do you mean?"
    C: "We were going to shoot someone."
    L: "We were going to shoot our leader for trying to murder the only doctor."
    H: "No....THAT wasn't it."
    L: "He said - if we did that, then there would only be three of us."
    (A empties magazine at D and somehow misses D, C & H with every shot.)
    H: "wow...."
    (C fires once and vaporizes D's head. C acts like he will backhand A. A flinches. H simply sidesteps the corpse.)
    H: "No, that guy at the briefing with the custard-filled donuts....where's Straeder gone?"
    A: "Who?"
    C: "That wasn't custard....custard's not supposed to be salty."
    H: "Straeder....y'know, back when we used to be six?"
    A: "DEGENERATE!!!!"
    L: "I wouldn't worry about it....Andy's not very good shot."

    Pre-game assassinations....ahhhh, the memories.
    Straeder became the "Big Foot" of our team. There for the first briefing, disappears at some point in the game, no one notices and then once we've all died horribly (epic fails to one and all!) Straeder would be the only clone remaining to hand in the mission report. The Computer would then ALWAYS "masscre the messenger" in a completely original and highly unlikely fashion.
    Kinda like our own Blake Edwards "Pink Panther" style ending credits every game:

    "How will Straeder get creamed this game?"

    Too bad no one plays it anymore.

  • Adenides
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    Almost forgot....

    In our final Paranoia session at the "MUST-KILL-STRAEDER" moment of the game (after he hands in yet another abysmal report highlighting the team's "spectacular" failure and the tragic results of it, the Computer decides to switch to robots.
    Of course it has no alternative but to use a clone work force to build them all....
    Hadda add that!

  • Keryth987
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    Make yourself at home, we're all fairly laid back round here.

    Take a gander at the wonderful site, maybe even favorite a few.

    Feel free to ask questions

    Your description of Paranoia is usually how my experience with it has run as well. Paranoia is fun as a one shot, but I could never play a whole campaign of it.

    Keelah Se'lai,
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  • twiggyleaf
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    Campaign? Paranoia? Krayzee-talk!!!


    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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