Favorite kickstarter new feature?

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Just curious what feature people are most looking forward to, and why?

I'm looking forward to the "file storage locker". It was always a pain to upload images and videos to a different site, such as flikr, and then link to them in your campaign logs. It will be great to just upload all of this content directly to Obsidian Portal, and not have to worry about some image server going away and making a bunch of broken links...

Keep up the great work!

-Chris, aka gorthmog
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  • gaaran
    Posts: 740
    I think I'm most looking forward to the upgraded maps, the file storage, and of course the custom URLs. Of them though... I have to say, I think I'm looking forward to the maps the most.
  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    As far as a specific, maps for sure.
    However, as a general upgrade, the new interface and the consistency are what I am looking forward to the most. One way to edit (instead of logs being one way, wikis being another), a more unified approach in general- that will make all of our lives so much easier!
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    PS @gorthmog- Great adventure logs! I thought my campaign was long-running: truly cool to see a 5 year old campaign still going strong!

    Just trying to help out.

  • gorthmog
    Posts: 14
    Thanks killervp! Part of what makes it so much fun is posting the logs on Obsidian Portal.
  • jpdact
    Posts: 7
    So many great things came out of the Kickstarter that it's tough to pick. The maps and "file storage locker" are very exciting enhancements for sure. I'm partial to the Natural Editing goal we hit at the 11th hour. It will save exponential amounts of time being able to just click, type and save. My hope is this is extended to anywhere you can enter info into Obsidian Portal. The easier it is for my less tech-savvy players to contribute, the more content we get.

    Onward and upward!

    -Jonathan, aka jpdact
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  • ReverseG
    Posts: 17
    I am completely biased towards the maps upgrade, although I'm also looking forward to the file storage upgrade as well as the custom URLs.
  • JustinMason
    Posts: 36
    I'm on the same page as Jonathan. Natural Editing is by far the reforged feature I'm looking forward to the most. I'm hoping it will help to entice more players to make updates to the campaign wiki, not to mention it will also make minor updates to content a lot easier on my part. Always dislike it when I mistype something, or need to add a word or two and have to go to an edit page and sift through to find the correct area in the content again.
  • Matrissa_The_Enchant
    Posts: 18
    For me, natural editing is probably the one thing I'm most looking forward too, though the file storage locker is a close second.
  • crimsonknave
    Posts: 28
    Really looking forward to the refactor, but a close second is the file storage. I am also looking to the name generator, but that's more of something I will find useful now and then.

    I know most people are excited by the natural editing, but I'm one of those crazy people who likes textile.
  • Morgus
    Posts: 19
    Maps. Definitely the maps.

    Natural editing is my next favorite feature, purely because it'll help get my players updating more regularly.
  • Calion
    Posts: 144
    WYSWYG editing by leaps and bounds. I spend far too much time as it is clicking Save to actually use the "Adventure Plan":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/sydarksun-private/adventure-log I just created, then clicking Edit to change some error I see or add more detail to it--rinse, repeat.
  • weasel0
    Posts: 435
    In adding functionality, I really like the way Roleplay online (rpol.net) has support far various in-game languages(20 i think). My gaming group is spread over 600+ miles and we actually use OP for playing using the forums. Rpol lets the GM set language names and then assign players to the groups(so say the snobby elf wishes to insult the dwarves using low elven that the don't know, he can and only those who speak low elven or the GM can read it), as well as a secondary grouping to set which players can access what forums/threads(for split parties as an example). I decided to use OP over RPOL because the site is much more user friendly for setting up the back-end of games and as OP is trying to take leaps forward, I thought this a good time to toss this in as something to think about.
  • ZacZero
    Posts: 8
    Looking forward to different features for different reasons.

    Natural Editing so I can hand some of the campaign editing duties to my less technically inclined players.

    Maps so I can finally bring our campaign's very important maps into OP. We've been using maplib and it gets the job done, though it is not ideal. http://www.maplib.net/map.php?id=13257 It's functional. Most of the time.

    Also excited to snatch up a custom .com for our campaign.
  • Coan
    Posts: 2
    Natural editing. It will save me a load of time and allow me to concentrate more on writing than formatting.

    Also the design look. The current site does look dated and I think that acts as a slight barrier to my players to using it more often (particularly as some of them are designing their own websites and know a lot more about this stuff than I do).
  • Grenwalis
    Posts: 1
    Maps, maps and more maps
  • Everest
    Posts: 1
    Natural editing is, by far, the new element I'm looking forward to the most - count me in as one of the less tech savvy. Really glad we hit that support tier!
  • mrjustice42
    Posts: 1
    Natural editing first, followed by maps. For the love of Pete do I want to offload some of the content creation to others and natural editing seems like part of my salvation. Beyond that, I like maps. Maps are cool.
  • Quasimotocar
    Posts: 12
    File storage locker is big on my list, mostly because I've had such a painful experience with the existing image upload mechanism. But on a day-to-day basis, the Natural Editing will have a much bigger impact. Map markers and custom URL's are pretty frickin sweet too. :)
  • ASwedishGM
    Posts: 1
    Maps, definitely. There is so much that can be done with maps, even past what I read into your goal for maps: The ability to search/view only Points of Interest (POIs) relating to

    -specific adventure
    -character backstory
    -type of POI (where are all wizards' towers?)
    -tag (what areas were affected by anaphasic plague during the great mage wars?)

    The ability to set up who gets to view what. Also, the ability to export your map info to XML.

    And no, I am not asking you to implement all my feature requests for the kickstarter. But maps can be so much more, and I would like you to have that in mind when you go about your reforge work, because that will make it easier to implement more map features after the first reforge.

    Like mrjustice says: Maps are cool: They are visual and they are interactive, and they create the type of invested interest that will drive people to ObsidianPortal and keep them there.
  • FrankSirmarco
    Posts: 250
    I'm looking forward to all of it, actually. Maps, File Storage, and Natural editing are all vast improvements. A new, unified interface is also HUGE. I can't wait to test the BETA.
  • GTB
    Posts: 10
    Maps, no contest. I'm pretty meh about the WYSIWYG editor, I likely won't use it if there's an option, unless it's -really- good. And I already store everything on my dreamhost server so the file storage doesn't really matter to me. But better maps? yes please.
  • berdman
    Posts: 46
    I am excited about the whole process and I am looking forward to how this goes. I am looking most forward to the natural editing, mainly so that my players can do updates without me having to provide them html etc.

    The other feature is the Maps. Looking forward to that.
  • Shammond42
    Posts: 65
    I am looking forward to Maps the most. I would rather do textile than natural editing, so I am hoping that remains a option.

  • Calion
    Posts: 144
    So here's a question, Shammond: Is it Textile specifically you want, or would an HTML view like Blogger has do?
  • Shammond42
    Posts: 65
    I would really prefer textile, it is much faster to type than raw html, and kind of forces you to use a consistent presentation. I recognize that I am probably in the minority on this preference.

    Actually, when it comes right down to it, I prefer markdown over textile, but that is minor.

  • PalamarTM
    Posts: 5
    Maps. For whatever reason, once I have a map created and in front of me, the creativity starts flowing and I can hash out full campaigns. They have always been a starting point for my GMing and they are something tangible my players can get their hands on. Even if this map is from one of the publishers, it has always been a great source of inspiration from my campaigns.

    My challenge for the new Obsidian Portal maps feature is my desire to use a Pathfinder map of Galorian and be able to crowd-source appropriately placed markers for published material that pertains to the region. For example if my campaign is headed to Chelix it would be nice to look at the region on the map and see what Tales, Chronicles, Map Packs, etc... are available that discuss the region.

    A close second is probably a unified, slick look/feel. Tools that look nice and are consistently easy to use are ones that I am happy to use regularly, and an obvious interface makes it easy to use even if I do not use the tool regularly - again making me happy.
  • Calion
    Posts: 144
    Hm. Your crowdsourced maps idea is an interesting one, but I'm not sure how it would work. Could you elaborate a little more?
  • JustinMason
    Posts: 36 edited May 2013
    Crowdsourced maps: OP could always pitch it to 3rd parties, but I can see IP issues galore here. Considering the true nature of crowdsourcing, there's no reason this can't be done in the existing system (at least when the new map features are put into place). There are DM and CO-DM options. Creating a "Group Campaign" that defines a game world and is a sort of living setting built on the OP infrastructure could be a cool project. It would require some cooperation and guidelines, but I think that would be the case with any method of accomplishing a group design.

    This brings to mind another feature that should really be on OP, especially for "open" campaigns. A [copy this character to my "X" campaign] would be ideal for utilizing characters, items, pages, etc. created by others in our own campaigns. Maybe with a dropdown of my existing campaigns and the "copy" button next to it on each of these record pages.
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  • Asaraludu
    Posts: 5
    I'm very much looking forward to the facelift in general.

    My excitement is very much focused in on the higher-def maps and natural editing (like so many others).
  • SataiDelenn
    Posts: 1
    Definitely natural editing - due to mandatory Textile, it always takes me a while to reformat logs and character sheets to take out characters that will result in formatting I don't want. I am very excited for easier editing!
  • Maesenko
    Posts: 325
    The thing that got me most interested in the Kickstarter to begin with was the File Storage boost. I really liked the map improvements, but to be able to consolidate all my imagery to one location is what made finally me contribute my money.

    Now don't get me wrong, the maps are definitely the thing that I am looking forward to most from a "new use" standpoint (I never utilised maps because the one I have been drawing up is too large for the current configuration). Now I can see it being a much more usable area of the site for my current and future campaigns.

    As far as WYSIWYG, I am not exactly a great coder, and I've never been motivated enough to get off my rump and figure out how to make it all look great like so many of the CotM pages. WYSIWYG will likely give me that final push I need to start making it all more aesthetically pleasing. All the same though, I hope that it is another option added as opposed to a replacement for HTML and/or Textile.

    Lastly, the custom URLs and the name generator are pieces that hold less appeal. I know I will use the URL naming plenty, but it was never a huge deal to me before. I will be curious to see how far I can go with it.
    The name generator, on the other hand, will likely be something I use only when I get desperate for something; I will still play around with it just to see what I get, though.


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