Requests for new game systems



  • sydneygb
    Posts: 3
    I'd like to request After The Bomb, the latest incarnation in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness line of games from Palladium.
  • clydepworrel
    Posts: 1
    Is Saga Edition the same as WEG Starwars? The first system they used was the D6 system before the game got eaten by the great and terrible D20 dragon! Lol But really I play D6 Starwars mostly and would like to share with the community.
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    No, Saga is the latest edition. Its somewhere between 3.5 and 4th E D20.

    The closest OP has right now is a D6 System listing.
  • Davechan
    Posts: 1
    I'd like to request that "A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying": be added. Ta very much!
  • Adino
    Posts: 4
    I will second the request for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying to be added as a system.
  • Redslash12
    Posts: 26
    Could you add OVA, Open Versatile Anime RPG. I'm thinking about starting up a game using this system, or converting my campaign, but not sure. Either way it's something you don't have on there.
  • shadowgriffon99
    Posts: 2
    You need to add Eden Studios Unisystem or their individual games that use the system: All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.
  • Benjamin385
    Posts: 9
    I agree with Shadowgriffon99

    Unisystem Must be added

    Here is the Link for unisystem

    This is only the Witchcraft version of Unisystem but it is an Free download.

    Just click on Free Download and unzip it.
  • Dalek1138
    Posts: 2
    Would you mind adding:

    Space: 1889
    and Hollow Earth Expedition (HEX) ?

    I'm not currently running Space: 1889, but am running a HEX campaign.

  • Figment
    Posts: 132
    HEX is a campaign. The system would be the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. As an example, "Desolation": also uses the Ubiquity Roleplaying System.
  • Dalek1138
    Posts: 2
    I guess I'm confused on campagin vs. system. I mean I understand that the mechanics of the game are Ubiquity, but the game *is* Hollow Earth. I'd say that D&D 3 and 3.5 is the campaign and d20 is the system. Perhaps I'm being pedantic or nitpicky, but all the Vampire, Mage, and all of those then should be rolled under on banner, surely.

    Either way, I'd like to HEX or Ubiquity to be on here. (and I prefer HEX)....
  • Eooyz
    Posts: 1
    I would like to see the "CODA": rules system made by Decipher. And maybe Basic Role Playing. Perhaps add custom and/or other as a game system.
  • numaari
    Posts: 1
    Could you add Gamma World to the list?
  • LadyDM
    Posts: 8
    I'm wondering if you would consider adding a MUD/MUSH option, for those who do their rpging on these sort of text based games, or an option for "original character" for characters that don't have a system yet, or "original system" for characters that are for self-invented systems.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    LadyDM, there's occasionally been a movement to add "homebrew" as an option. I think that'd be what you're wanting as well.
  • LadyDM
    Posts: 8
    It is, but I like "original character" better... "homebrew" isn't as readily identifiable to me! Hadn't heard the term until I read this thread! :)
  • Benjamin385
    Posts: 9
    I know that you have Star Hero up on the list of Game systems but that is an Supplement of Hero System

    I would like to see just plain hero system 5th edition Revised added:

    Just for those who are running an campaign with the base rules and no supplements/ or fan made supplements.

    Along with Post Apocalyptic Hero:

    Fantasy Hero:

    There are Also the following supplements which seem to be very popular on the Hero System discussion boards.

    Dark Champions:

    Pulp Hero:


    I hope you add these.


  • Roachware
    Posts: 6
    I'm DM / player for a German group that is looking for a new host as our old wiki-provider has stopped e-mail notifications of changes, and added some other extra-high hurdles before posting.

    We're looking at moving nor only a Cthulhu-campaign, but also a grand total of three-four "Realms of Arcania"- / "Das Schwarze Auge"-campaigns, therefore it would be great to get the latter system as an option, too :)
  • Launcher
    Posts: 3
    I'd like to see "Anima Beyond Fantasy" added.
  • Mythusmage
    Posts: 1
    A pair of requests from this corner:

    1. A threaded listing: Top Level; game system, 2nd level; game setting, 3rd level; campaign.

    2. Add *Dangerous Journeys: Mythus*.

    (Sorry, link not currently available, but the books can be found through searching.)
  • Figment
    Posts: 132
    "Dangerous Journeys: Mythus":

    There's always a link at!
  • Spacekat_Katamaran
    Posts: 1
    I know there's a generic world of darkness entry, but I still would really like to have an entry for Changeling.

    Changeling: The Dreaming

    and Changeling: The Lost
  • dragoonius
    Posts: 1
    I second Space_kat's suggestion.
  • everloss
    Posts: 1
    i would like to see Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st and 2nd Editions please. or if the Palladium hate is really that intense, could you change Rifts (which is a setting, not a game system) to Palladium Megaversal? however, i think it would be more fair to have Palladium Fantasy 1st and 2nd editions separate from Rifts, same with the guy who mentioned Robotech earlier as they all have specific quirks and differences. why should every D20 game get it's own mention, when they are all essentially different settings for the same game?

    i apologize if this sounds snarky, it's been a long 4th of july weekend!

    Palladium Fantasy 1st edition
    Palladium Fantasy 2nd edition
    Robotech (just based on sales alone, i don't understand why this isn't already on here)
    Heroes Unlimited
    Beyond the Supernatural (there are 2 editions of this, but i'm not sure of the differences)
  • StoryShtick
    Posts: 1
    Please add "In A Wicked Age":

    My group is actively playing this game and we're setting up our "campaign page":
  • Radrat
    Posts: 1
    Hello all, long time gamer... first time posting.

    Would you add "Mythic" a system for any setting by Tom Pigeon.

    Here is a link to a Review on RPG net;

    The Publisher's site is located here;

    This system contains a GM "Emulator" which is a novel concept but amazingly suitable for a site like this.
  • sbwilson
    Posts: 1
    I would like to see "Engarde!" added to the game system list.

    It's not a very well known game, but it has been around for a long time. Not only that, but it is quite the change of pace from a normal RPG.
  • cygnus46
    Posts: 3
    Please add the sci-fi RPG 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars

    Home Page

    RPGNet Review

    Press Release

    edit: I ask not to just have another cool system added to the list, but because I intend to actually use it...thanks!
  • kitsuki
    Posts: 8
    I'd like to request _Etherscope_ from Malladin's Gate Press.
  • CinderellaManJJ
    Posts: 3
    Unless I missed it somewhere, I did not see an entry for regular (sometimes called Classic) D&D. I'm starting a campaign using the Rules Cyclopedia If I somehow missed the correct listing for this system, please let me know.
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