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  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    # Moved to feature requests as per request.
    # Added all except Blood Bowl. Is it even an RPG, or just a board game?
    # Sheesh! Do you people really play all these games, or is this just an exercise in who can find the most obscure homebrew RPG?
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    1. YAY!
    2. A little of both.
    3. I actually play a lot of games. :D
  • redstar
    Posts: 119
    1. Logic prevails!
    2. I would liken it to Hero Quest
    3. You might be on to something :)

    Thanks Micah!

    Edit: Whoops! Although I'm flattered, I think you might have made the game systemlink for the Pathfinder RPG a link to my campaign! :)
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Whoops on my part. I think that's a bug where it points to the current campaign.
  • jasonrobar
    Posts: 2
    Harnmaster - from Columbia Games and also by its original creator N. Robin Crossby, the creator of the entire HarnWorld setting and system.

    N. Robin Crossby's production company:

    Columbia Games:
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    Since the PDF has been release for "FIVE FREAKING BUCKS": could you add "Houses of the Blooded": for me?
  • maxfelicitous
    Posts: 1
    Hi, could "Kobolds Ate My Baby": be added?
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    ZOMG you have GOT to post something when your KAMB campaign is up and running. I TOTALLY want to watch that. I used to have the old editions back before they went to the BEER engine, but I donated them to the war effort. =)
  • gorthmog
    Posts: 14
    Hi, could "Faery's Tale": from "Firefly Games": be added to the list?


    Also, if you're interested, I just posted my first "adventure log":

    The players are ages 4, 7, and 39 (my spouse). It's a great introduction to role playing, especially for kids who like fairy tales, unicorns, goblins, etc.
  • baron
    Posts: 1
    Any chance of Homebrew being added please?
  • TMancer
    Posts: 6
    Would it be possible to get....

    Mechwarrior or Battletech added to the list? I'm currently running a Mechwarrior game and I'm using this site to keep track of things for myself and the players.
  • TheOracle
    Posts: 2
    I've got a request or two... or three... erm... five?

    "Don't Rest Your Head":

    and if I'm asking for Adventure!, since Aberrant is already up, I might as well ask for "Trinity": .
  • TheOracle
    Posts: 2
    Not sure what happened there... last two should be...

  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    Ok, I've added a whole slew of systems. I'm hoping to see some campaigns in these crazy systems. You guys aren't just yanking my chain to see who can come up with the most esoteric, crazy systems, right?

    Anyways, there are a few I didn't add:

    *Homebrew* - Just don't select a system. "Homebrew" is a system in the same way "independent" is a political party. Besides, don't we all houserule everything anyway?

    *Mechwarrior / Battletech* - Are these RPGs or just minis games? I didn't think that these games had storylines or were "real" RPGs. However, I've been pretty lax on the other systems suggested, so make an argument and I'll cave pretty quick.
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    Battletech is technically a wargame but Mechwarrior is its Role-Playing counterpart. Most Mechwarrior players I know though use the core Battletech rules with rules lifted from the MechWarrior Role-Playing game.
  • TMancer
    Posts: 6
    Rob has it right. Basically Mechwarrior is the RPG game and on it's 3rd edition at the moment. Most of the battletech supplements are designed for use with both MW and with the board game. For example the Battle of Luthian was a supplement that dealt oddly enough with the battle for Luthian. While the meat of the book was 12 Battletech board game battles, the book also contained Mechwarrior stats for the major players as well as how the battle took place in the battletech story line for players and GMs.

    Books like Merc Update 3055 have info for both the RPG and the Boardgame aspect as well. Giving for example various bonuses and negatives for having a character from a particular merc unit, while also giving new equiptment for players out side of their mechs.

    As for Storylines... Battletech has a storline that has gone from 3025-3072 which has included over 40 some odd novels of storylines, sourcebooks on the major houses, 5-6 major wars, politcal assassinations, marriages, rises and falls of tyrants, and a religious jihad. It's a pretty rich universe for a game spawned from a mini battle game.
  • Gully
    Posts: 52
    House Kurita FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dwarinpt
    Posts: 1
    Great site you have here. However, I don't see Qin: The Warring States anywhere. Can you add it please?
  • TMancer
    Posts: 6
    I realize I forgot to include a link.

    "Mechwarrior RPG described":
  • Doc4
    Posts: 12
    I still respectfully request a Homebrew or Custom.

    With a system selected, say 3.0 D&D, it becomes a little bit easier for future readers to find a setting, rule system, or game experience they want to read about. As a campaign without a selected system, readers lose out on an opportunity to find us by just browsing through the types they want.

    Some readers may want to see how homebrew games are run or just how the stories evolve in a custom rule set.

    As for the line "Besides, don’t we all houserule everything anyway?", that is not the same thing. My players and I run a completely unique rule set that we've developed over several years. It's not a couple of houserules, or some modification to a D20 setting, it is an original set of rules.

    Our setting is a mixture of Traveller 2300AD, Serenity, Shadowrun, and the movie Aliens. I originally selected Serenity as our game type but then quickly realized we stuck out like a sore thumb. We are not set in the Serenity universe nor do we use that rule system. We don't use the language, the characters, blah blah. So I took us off Serenity and now we are without a game type.

    The end result is, game types are there to help people find the information they want. If you believe a Homebrew is going to clutter up or confuse matters, then there's nothing I can do. I would rather have a Custom Ruleset or Homebrew type so that our campaign can be better found just like everyone else.

    You've been kind enough to give our campaign a home, please give us a doorway for visitors to find us.

    Thank you,

    Tom / Doc4
  • bpeterso2000
    Posts: 4
    The Fantasy Trip (TFT)
  • RobJustice
    Posts: 178
    I could use the Cortex System.

    Is used for Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, and the upcoming Supernatural RPGs

    You could also remove Serenity from the list, since thats not a system but a setting.

    Also, you might want to look into adding FATE (Used for Spirit of the Century and the upcoming Dresden Files games) instead of just listing Spirit of the Century.
  • MightyBakuDan
    Posts: 3
    Politely requesting:

    EarthDawn Second Edition
    EarthDawn Classic

    Thanks very much.
  • Crusufix
    Posts: 1
    What about HōL


    Wow.. the forums really don't like that link...
  • guodskrap
    Posts: 1
    How about "Labyrinth Lord": ? Mutant Future is on there, so I was surprised to see the original game missing from the list.
  • sturmadler
    Posts: 5
    Epic RPG please.

    [Edit] - Sorry for my noobish rudeness in the initial post. This is an interesting and unique game system that I believe has a growing player base. The website is located here:
  • SeraphTC
    Posts: 1
    Hi there!

    I would absolutely love to add my support to the request for Blood Bowl. It certainly has enough RPG elements to it - once you start playing in a league or a tournement each of your players is effectively a mini PC that earns experience points for upgrades.
  • milesshannara
    Posts: 5
    I'd also love to see "Custom" added. My group actually uses two different custom rules that greatly differ from d20 or the other main rule sets (myself and the other DM both have our own systems). I've got d20 listed as my current system, but it isn't accurate. I've seen a few requests from Custom, so I'm just adding my voice to that list.
  • LaughingOctopus
    Posts: 1
    I couldn't find neither "Classic Spycraft": or "Spycraft 2.0": in the list.
  • Nelph0nd
    Posts: 9
    Howdy! I'm pretty pleased with what I've been able to set up here with my current Hackmaster campaign... so I'm thinking of setting up my TOP SECRET campaign here too. Can you add TSR's "TOP SECRET": as a system please?

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