Players Need a Button to 'Join Campaign' and DM's need 'Invite Players via URL'


Hi, I'm new to Obsidian Portal, I checked to see if this has been asked before but it doesn't seem to be a recent topic?

When my players visit my new Obsidian Portal >

The only option is to 'Become a Fan' - implying theres' no way for them to join the campaign  - which is super weird?

Right now I've only managed to get one player who's been able to figure out that they have to sign up separately, go back to the campaign and 'follow it' - then let me know so that I have to manually find their account and send them a invite, they accept and only THEN they can take part... 

It seems a obvious fix to have the option to show a 'Join Campaign' button next to the 'Fan' button to allow players to send a request to the Campaign owner to approve their membership. 

Platforms like Roll20 and DnDBeyond  also allow DM's to generate a link that will enable players to jump straight into the game without needing to know email addresses or usernames. 

This is a really important feature that is missing for Campaign owners - so could we also get the option to generate a unique URL to share with their players which will automatically allow them to join the campaign on signing up - which is great both for the Campaign owners and Obsidan Portal as a whole.

By doing this it becomes possible for people to easily bring a entire group of players into the campaign at once - which is key to getting the campaign off the ground.. and making it worth paying for the 'subscription'.

If however there's some 'secret option' to fix this problem please let me know.

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  • Vanillabean
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    Hi @ElMuggs!

    I really appreciate you sharing your input on this, you make a really good point. I can ABSOLUTELY see the benefit of a feature like this and will bring it up with our team to add to our list of potential upgrades.

    I know this doesn't alleviate the problem entirely for you right now, but you should be able to send an email invite through your campaign settings. This will send an invite to your players that will prompt them to create a profile if they don't already have one. That way it's a few less steps to getting them in the campaign!

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  • ElMuggs
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    Thanks Vanillabean! I did notice that, alas we've been playing remotely for years using Roll20/Discord so I don't actually know my players email addresses.

    Right now I'm struggling to get though to my players that Obsidan Portal is for ALL of them to be able to see/publish stuff vs just me as the DM posting content.

    Not having a clear way to join makes it really hard for people to grasp that it's a group experience, while I love it (being that it solved the headache of managing the complex maps in Curse of Strahd) it's a bit hard to get my players to take the leap and try it out.

    DM of The Domains of Dread Council Meeting (...a Comedic Misadventure though the mists of a re-imagined Ravenloft! ) - COTM Feb 2023! 

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