Anyone know of A DND 1e Group in Barnsley that doesn't mind A Player whose Pc that's A King?


After a lot of years without playing DAD 1e I've decided to become A Player again and I used the tables that the Mate I've mentioned loads of times, I should have known that was a bad idea but in the last few months other GM's he knows have had so many of their players have outragous luck when rolling that theirs no way I'd be among them

Well because decided that the idea that I'd have outragous luck when rolling was so outragrous that I actually, so I decided to roll on The Tables and I had my luck was the most outrageous luck ever

Here are a selection of my favorite good muck ups

I bagged myself A 19 year old Fighter that's A Future King

The King/his father assigned just over 1,000 troops to protect him

Among those troops are 26 Lawful Evil 2nd level Dex 17 Half Orc Thieves, 19 5th level Clerics, 9 Centaurs, 8 Pegasus, A Centaur Shaman that has the abilities of A 7th level Wis 17/Int 13 Cleric, A  9th level Ninja, A 10th level Cleric, A 14th level Magic User, A 14th level Fighter and A version of A Ancient Sapphire that The GM modified for 1e DND

The Ninja is A Class The GM of mine made that's almost identical to The Assassin Class, the only difference is that Assassins must be Evil but Ninja's must be either neutral or neutral-good

More roll show that in this DAD World and most people will work with or hire A Neutral Good Ninja would never work with or hire A Neutral Ninja

Even by himself he starts with more a lot more stuff then some groups finish with

In order to teach him how to be A Good Ruler he's already been made the ruler of A Very Large Barony

Hes got 5 Retainers that even at the start of the campaign will be strong enough to be able to Solo several adventures designed for A group of 4 1st level characters

He also employs several Mercenaries whose levels range from 8th to 10th that The GM's tables let me name and I named them after a selection of my favorite Harry Characters from A Harry Potter RPG that I made but the odds are that it will never get used

He owns 8 Slaves that are so well treated that their loyalty to him/their owner, is so high that he trusts them enough to carry weapons and to if needed use them to defend and they are named after a selection of my favorite characters from either fan made Harry Potter Stories or Fan Made Code Lyoko Stories that aren’t in The Books/Show

He's also got 11 Squires, no matter who powerful the noble blood that runs in their veins almost no character ever starts with any Squires and those that do never start with more then 6 squires, and I admit I was so short on name ideas that I put 60 names that I liked in a hat and choose 11

He starts with custom made magic crates that hold several dozen thousand worth of both cash and valuables and close to 30 Magic Items

He starts with 2 Minor Magic Artefacts, 1 makes the wearer 1 of the best Thieves in The World and the others A Money Bag that provides money but it only(?) gives The Owner and up to 6 friends of his 50 Gold Coins a day

If needed the king/his father has put aside a ransom for his son and the ransom consists of the followinh

A assortment of currencies worth roughly 134,000 Gold, a assortment of aluables worth roughly 156,000 Gold, a assortment of magical goodies worth roughly 400,000 Gold and A Magical Libraty that's contents are worth roughly 688,000 Gold


  • Obear
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    Is there something wrong with you?

  • Abersade
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    I'll be the first to admit that marshalljames1 posts frequently on the forums, that their capitalization makes their posts a bit difficult to read sometimes, and that the content of said posts could use a tad more focus.

    That said...

    I also think that your reply is unfair and unkind. If marshalljames1 posts frequently, at least they are attempting to engage with the community in some fashion. It's not uncommon for folks around here to say things like "I wish that my players would engage more", these sorts of posts are one of the ways in which that engagement starts.

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  • Obear
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    Oh no, I'm being unkind. You could have shortened your response to simply say, "Yes." 

    Please. There is no attempt to engage in those posts. It's just stream-of-consciousness projectile vomiting of nonsense.


  • ragnarhawk
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    I agree with Abersade.

    It seems clear that marshalljames1 wishes to contribute to the discussion in their own way.

    You, on the other hand, have been here for 10 years, and have only chosen to contribute once, not counting this thread.  There are certainly posts and threads here that I have no interest in, and sometimes users whose posts/threads I am less likely to read, but it is easy to skip them.

    Please consider offering positive feedback if you feel that feedback is necessary.  There is nothing inherently wrong with offering constructive criticism, but please try to keep it constructive

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    In case there is any confusion, we do expect everyone in the OP Community Forums to be respectful to each other.  Curiosity, and asking respectful questions to understand, and discussion are good.  Unkindness is not.

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