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It has occured to me reading the obsidian portal patch notes that I may be making a booboo. I have on my main campaign the Front Page and Wiki as exactly the same. I did this because I think it is easier for a player or visitor to get straight into the meat of the content.

But now i realise I am creating a duplicate which is not good for SEO. I figure I should remove one of them entirely from the menu on the left. But which one?

I guess I cannot remove the front page or there is now place to end up if somoene goes to so it would have to be the wikis/mainpage. If I remove this form the menu, i also have to delete the page or it is still a duplicate, but if I delete the page entirely, will it break any of the wiki pages? I dont think so but wanted to check first. 

and finally, what css do I need to remove one of the canonical links on the left?




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