Can you auto pull in characters from D&D Beyond (and populate character sheet)?


Just wondering if someone had already found a way to pull in D&D Beyond character sheet info... I know that there is a way in Roll20, hoping my players can build their charcter in D&D Beyond and then I can have them displayed on OP.


~Thanks, Jim


  • Frak_Lou_Elmo
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    i dont know if there is (yet) but if you can have them pull a pdf from d&d beyond then you can display the pdf in the character page by embedding it. it will look like this: ;

    (I just used a random pdf I had on my page about maztica)

    use the code:

    <div class='oembed'><a href='INSERTLINKHERE'></a></div>

    where it says insert link you need to upload the pdf to your media library and then copy the link from there:


    hope this helps!


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  • thaen
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    Frak's suggestion is a good one if they are planning to manage their Character at DNDBeyond anyway.

    I think one of the members created a D&D *4th* edition Character Sheet (aka DST) that would import from DNDBeyond, but since DNDBeyond is now on to *5e*, I'm guessing that particular DST doesn't doesn't work anymore.  And, as far as I know, no one has created a new "import from DNDBeyond" DST yet.

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