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So my group is about to get into Dragon Week, and I've spent a lot of time now working on my new project, The Fantasy Fantasy League!

I'm still working out the finer details and customizing. I've spent some time with my groups running some numbers and getting feedback on the best way to make it engaging and worth following. Maybe even opening it to members of the OP community. As always, I'm always open to ideas and questions. It's all still pretty rough draft, but the functioning basics right now are:

-You, the Patron, create your Party of 3 by picking Combatants from different Teams during a Draft

-A Round consists of all Teams facing each in a 1-on-1 Fight

-The victor of a Fight is the Team that wins 2 out of 3 Contests. See here for more details on this break down and Points tracking :

At the end of a Round is a Main Event. Depending on what the Main Event is, the Teams or Parties (haven't decided which one yet) must beat a threshold/check/score in each contest to determine if they prevail or perish.

Coming Soon:

Expanded Rosters: More Combatants and Teams

Patron Skills:Things you can do to influence the outcomes of Fights or Rounds in your favor

Team Abilities: A unique action, effect, or ability that each Team's Combatants are able to activate during a Round. This also gives Drafting more depth as you're not just going after the highest modifiers for your Party.

Betting System: Use your Renown to wager on outcomes or anything else you want to.

I've got a bunch of additional half ideas floating around still, but getting these solid will help give this a meaty feel while still being approachable. It's just my players right now for drafting and stuff, but if there's any interest let me know :-)



  • GamingMegaverse
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    Cannot wait to wager on this!


    Just trying to help out.

  • UselessTriviaMan
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    This does sound amazing, man. I'm definitely intrigued.

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  • weasel0
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    Lol. Lovin it so hard right now!!

  • Conan_Lybarian
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    Plenty of updates. Let me know what you guys think. A bit of delay getting into Dragon week to kind of test stuff out, but the FFL is coming along as a fully autonomous idea. As a numbers/analytical kind of guy, I'm getting more and more excited to see what people would come up with for winning combos. 


  • Conan_Lybarian
    Posts: 240

    So I've got the basic template for posting Fight stats. The numbers on the left in each column are for the left side team, the right side obviously for the right side team. In this example, Team Scales won 2 of 3 Contests, so they would be considered the victor of this Fight. But depending on the Party you drafted, you may have scored more Points because of individual performances. Does this seem like a viable/legible approach to you guys? And would this make wagering a little more interesting @GamingMegaverse, being able to see the breakdown of all the stats?

  • GamingMegaverse
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    This is awesome!  So is it each person in line, so Harriet takes on Pireborn, Celine/Jordron, etc?

    Just trying to help out.

  • Conan_Lybarian
    Posts: 240 edited July 2020

    That wasn't specifically intended, no. It's a 3v3 team match to start as far as calculating points. I was just figuring out a simplified but compact way to display the fight information. I've updated the main page for more pictures and a little clearer explanations. For now I'll just be posting the brackets first, then these tables of the points break down for the fights after the Draft. _*BUT*_, it can totally be seen that way for flavor or betting Renown. I'll also be putting a couple bullet points/highlight descriptions in based on the rolls. I don't think I'll be posting blank ones first. Still trying to stream line it and make it easy to actually post and input. But if you wanted to bet some Renown on a Combatants general performance, or if you just the kind of Patron who wants a little more in depth numbers, then you can definitely use these lines as the guide for it. For example:

    "Hey @GamingMegaverse, I'll bet you 20 Renown that my man Greg wins more contests than Harriet in the first Fight"

    "I'll take that bet"

    Greg then proceeds to totally  beef it in the first Fight, and Conan has to give up 20 Renown to GM at the end of the Round. GM can also track how many Fights in a Round that Harriet has beaten her direct opponent by recording it from the Points Breakdown.


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