Visual “connections” tree


I would love to be able to see the connections between different parts of the campaign.

the way I envision it is like a visual SQL tree, where each "table" (though I think of them more as "sections" on the screen) is a type of item (wiki page, item, adventure log, character, etc.).

each item will be added a button that anyone can click, and it will generate a "tree" of all the connections and sub, connections (maybe even choose how many "steps" from the original).

for example, if I press the button on a character page and select 4 steps, a window will open with the character portrait in the middle, and lines connect it to each item it was linked in, and those will be connected to anything that was linked in them, and so on for 4 steps away from the original selection.


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June 2023
Candlekeep Mysteries

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