Absolute Killer Feature: Backlinks (What links here?)


You write up some town descriptions. You list and link 7 or 8 NPCs that are there. Between all the NPCs, they worship 2 gods with churches there. There's a pretty rad item you want the players to get, so you build a questline that leaves from the town and eventually meanders back. Oh, and that traveling merchant makes a stop here on the 5th of every month.

Excellent, you've got enough of the town written out that you can run a few sessions before you need to develop it further. Nice, just in time for your session on Saturday.

But wait -- you still need to notate the town on each of the NPCs' pages. Also, you're trying to keep a list of the churches on the gods' pages too. That merchant, too. Oh, and that calendar you're trying to track. The questline. That item. And then there's the inevitable characters and events that you improvise during the session... plus one of your players (you know the one) keeps throwing you total curve balls. The last town that he was in, he hired a mercenary crew.

There's one feature that would simplify 90% of this and make your wiki immediately navigable: backlinks. You've seen it. It's a standard among wikis. Every Wikipedia page has an index if you use Special:WhatLinksHere/(the entry), but even easier to find is the list at the bottom of any of WikiMedia's items. It has to be built on the back-end and if the hosting software doesn't natively support it, it's complicated, but it's also the single most useful feature I can imagine. It's also no doubt a big reason why people initially come to a site that advertises itself as a wiki for your D&D campaign.

As far as implementation, we all just need to it to catch the referrers from within our own wiki, so it doesn't need to be more robust than that. I'd like to see a campaign-wide checkbox on the settings page with little "except this" checkboxes on each article that remove the section from display, but honestly even the most basic version of this would be *immensely* helpful.

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