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Hey guys,

Making a quick post to let folks know about a feature update currently in the beta stages. We've added the option to make campaign forum topics visible to the general public. This can be really good for play by post campaigns, letting users have journal entries outside of the adventure log, bluebooking, keeping meta information publicly visible but separate from the wiki, and so on. It's another way for you to make use of your campaign forum. Since it involves the campaign forum, this does require an Ascendant subscription, so be aware.

To publicize a post, one need only check the visibility checkbox and then save the topic. Publicly visible posts will display a "[PUBLIC]" label in front of the post's title.

At present, this is being tested on a "by request" format. If you'd like to be able to test this out, please post here or send me a PM and I'll have you added to the beta tester's list. In terms of seeing it from the public perspective, you can check out the To Buy a Fat Pig campaign. This is a play by post game that Jynx001 and I are playing which is being run by our good friend thaen.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll check our game out and give this feature a try.


Please be aware that the Forum tab which is displayed when you elect to have public forum topics is NOT the default Forum tab, but a different tab with viewing permissions situated for viewers not associated with the campaign that is also lapeled as Forum. This means that if you have custom CSS to style your tabs, you will need to style both the normal "Forum" tab (class name forum), and also the public "Forum" tab (class name public-forum). You'll need to keep a close eye on your classes, particularly if/when you are styling the dashboard version of the navigation as well as the campaign facing navigation.

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