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I have a campaign where membership may be changing relatively frequently and I use a lot of player secrets in the wiki. When players reach a certain rank in their organizations more things unlock. I also have a lot of lore that is only available to players (as opposed to the public) in the wiki.

I would like to be able to assign players to a group  and then give that group access to the player secret. As it is now, unless I'm missing a feature, I have to go to every relevant wiki page and add them to the secret individually. If I could assign groups instead, all I would have to do would be add the player to the group, and that would theoretically give them access to all the secrets that group could see.


  • ragnarhawk
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    I am pretty sure that this is not currently available, but one way to implement this would be to create individual (private) wikis for each of the groups. You could then link from your main wiki to pages in the group wiki and back again.  Pretty sure that you could not do automatic lookup in one wiki for pages in another, but it would allow you to manage group permissions until such time as OP were to implement groups like you suggest

  • Kallak
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    Awesome suggestion! I've added it to the development board for the team to look at. I can't control what things they do or when they do them, but I can at least put it up with a recommendation (which is now done).

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  • SkEyesOGrey
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    Thank you both.

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