NEW Hyperlanes setting online group forming.


Hey People, 

I am trying to start up a new campaign, and basically run it from here, and use the portal. This is basically a spaghetti Sci Fi, so be prepared equally for laughs, awesome adventures, gore, sex, and really all the nitty gritty nasty that the entire known universe can offer you. This isn't a game for the kind of player that is scared to die, or scared to change their entire game in a second. But it's not going to be so serious as to be un fun or whatever. I need folks that'll be patient with me. I am a long time player and DM, but fairly new to the portal in general, so sometimes things might be a bit ugly or what have you, but all in all this campaign really has all the potential.... well in and off this world.smiley



  • Conan_Lybarian
    Posts: 230

    This campaign is looking better and better! Keep up the good work! I know you'll find players 

  • FurryBolge
    Posts: 2

    Thank you, I have been watching it on and off, and hope to find some people soon.


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