Update #9 - You've Got Mail


Happy Friday OP,

In keeping with the new tradition of weekly updates, here's the latest from behind the curtain:

This Week's Updates

[1] Post-AWS-Migration

The move to AWS is finally complete. Huzzah! There were a few minor issues as a result of the move, but these should pretty much all be resolved at this point. Probably the most visible example in this category was the "Discussions" link here on the forums directing to the main forum listing rather than the newest posts (this has now been corrected). As always, if you encounter anything bizarre or out of place, please submit a ticket.

[2] Email Deliverability and Tags

As stated last week, the big-ticket items being worked on were the problems with emails and tags. I'm happy to report that things have been going solidly on this front, and the emails are flowing again! Proc monitoring should now prevent this issue from recurring. The buzz on tags is that the fix is nearly ready to go, just that email having been a "chunky" issue set it back a bit. Once tags have been repaired, the proverbial orange construction cones should start going up around either media storage or interactive maps (I'll keep you posted on which, or if there are any changes on the roadmap).

[3] Campaign of the Month and other Blog Stuff

The recent hiatus of CotM has been painful to endure, but fear not - for all of that is about to come to an end. The selection committee is gearing back up to full strength, and featured campaigns are set to make their way back onto the blog. Articles will also be making a comeback, just with a bit of a shift in release schedule (while I'm on the subject, if anyone out there is interested in contributing their writing skills, please send me a private message on the main site). There is more in the works blog-wise, but I'll wait until they're a tad closer before I go over them.


Until next week,

All the best,
- Kallak


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