Update #8 - Back to work


Hey OP,

It's Friday, so the time has come for the weekly update post. Here's the latest:

What Happened This Week?

[1] AWS Migration (part 2)

As stated in the last update, the process of migrating the forums and blog to AWS is ongoing, and the estimate for wrapping that up at this time is Monday. Like I said before, migration is always a big thing that requires a lot prep and care, so it's slightly more time consuming than other things.

[2] Back to Work (Fixing)

Now that resources on the back end are beginning to be freed up, work to investigate and find solutions for items that are currently broken or otherwise not working properly has resumed. Priorities in this area include:

  • Email Deliverability: Obviously this one is a biggie, and work is already underway to get this resolved. It's sadly something of a "chunky" issue, and involves multiple processes on the back end that have to be synced and made to work nicely - which can be challenging at times. Put simply, a bit of Overhaulin' may be needed (paging Chip Foose)

  • Tags: Plenty of support tickets have come in regarding tag searching returning incorrect or no results, and so this has quickly climbed its way toward the top of the "to be fixed" list.  Work on this problem has begun, and we'll hopefully have some good news soon.

[3] Back to Work (Adding)

Work is also beginning to start back up on updates and new things for the website. A small example in this area is the email widget that has been added to the forums on the upper left hand side of the page. As stated last week, the roadmap is already situated, it just comes down to the actual "doing". Look for more in this area as we go forward.


That's going to about do it for now, more to come, stay tuned.

All the best,
- Kallak

Inner Council Member
CotM Selection Committee
Writer/Editor - Words In The Dark
Obsidian Portal Community and Content Manager
GameMaster - Crucible of the Blacksoul (CotM for Jan. 2013)


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