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  • ras_kcir
    Posts: 6

    I wish to confirm Bortas's observation.  Updating several pages in my wiki went off without a hitch, and generated the appropriate entry in the stream.   Creating/Editing an item in our campaign log generated the 500 error, and no entry in the stream, (though the actual creation and edits did take place).  I don't know if the requested emails notifying people of the log updates went out (or the wiki update for that matter).  Hope this helps in some small way.  I want a return to the more stable times.


  • Bortas
    Posts: 645

    Thanks Ras, and just to follow up, even with the 500 error, the emails are going out.


  • Keryth987
    Posts: 1,049

    I got no 500 errors (knock on wood) but I am getting the stupidly small editing box on existing pages

  • Bortas
    Posts: 645

    Keryth, on those stupidly small boxes, when you see them, are the buttons broken, like mine are?


  • moonbunny
    Posts: 6

    I can't make a new campaign and I am still getting errors because ---reasons ? I suppose. I want to get ascended membership so I can host all my stuff here but I can barely get into the site to add stuff to the board I have. X_X

  • Johnprime
    Posts: 252 edited March 2018

    Bortas, I know I'm not Keryth, but yesterday when I was doing some Adventure Log editing, I did get the small text window/broken buttons on the GM only section, but the main editing window was fine. Today when I just checked both sections everything is working fine, although the image embed button takes a few seconds longer to show the image embed screen than the other three buttons.

    In my opinion that's great progress so far!

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  • joeschmoe998
    Posts: 73

    Small editing window(s), Broken buttons. crying

  • OPAdmin
    Posts: 53

    Hi guys, the issues must be fixed at this point, we posted details on daily update forum:


  • Tiaslin
    Posts: 14

    So, it's time to give my 2 cents again, as i feel kinda obilgated to, because...

    I was surely fast with expressing my concerns and displease when things went south a couple if weeks ago. So now it's time to say that I am very happy with seeing things getting into the right direction :)

    I highly appreciate the update boards, it shows that someone is actually taking care of our issues with OP, which was most important to me. Also, I can see that at least most imminent issues have been taken care of, and while there is still stuff out in the wild thats not working properly: At least the core functionality is back up and working reliably for me during these days.

    That actually brings back my optimism for OP. I love the idea and the product, and I wish for nothing more than it working out well and to keep my home here that me and players learned to adore.

    So, TL;DR: Thanks for the heads up and the care. Keep up the good work, as long as I don't feel left alone I'll stick around through the rough times as well^^

  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 2,019

    I will also chime in and say that my issues with SEARCH, PREVIEW and EDIT functions are now sorted.  I had twice previously reported to say functions were restored, only to find they were broken within the hour.  So, this time I waited a bit and can report that things are seeming to be operative for three days in a row.  Thanks for fixing it.  And thanks for all the recent communication.  It restores a lot of faith in the site and I'm sure my fellow OP Users are all much appreciative of the positive change. 


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  • Omegabase
    Posts: 41

    I can also confirm things seem much more stable now...no backsliding so far!  Thanks to OP support for the hard work on fixing these issues.



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  • drednik
    Posts: 7

    Sight seems to running smooth!  Thank you team

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