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I have a lot of resting rpg groups, each with a separate Obsidian Portal campaign that I GM. Right now I'm a ascendant member but I consider downgrading for a while until they will be more active again, so my question is this: 

What happens to my 2+ campaigns if I downgrade? Are they achieved or just deleted? 

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  • Bortas
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    Neither, they work just fine, but you no longer have access to ascendent features, like forums, calendar and changing your CSS (the changes you already made will be in place).

    I'm not sure if it hits your size limit on things or not.


  • Barkefors
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    Thanks! <3

  • Thornat
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    So I am curious, what happened to your size limit on things, uploaded images and stuff?

    I would be grateful for an answer.

  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Your file storage will also be downgraded to the lower size. Nothing will be deleted if you're over that limit, but you won't be able to store any additional files.

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