New Traveller DST awaiting approval


Slug is "mongoosetraveller2008e"

See video at 

All of the extra sections I mentioned I would be adding in the video have been added. Just waiting on approval.


  • hades200082
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    received an email from OP_Support today telling me that I can "approve" my sheet on the view page of the DST ... which obviously I can't since they have to approve it.

    Reply sent and will now wait another week for any action since they only seem to reply to emails on Friday afternoons.

  • Johnprime
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    You just submitted your DST through the normal process, using the form on the DST page, correct? Reason I ask is that I've recently submitted one and I haven't heard anything either.

    About a year ago, chainsaw told me to pm him directly when wanting DST approval, which I've already done, but he hasn't responded, so I'm not sure he's active anymore. Just wanted you to know you're not the only one waiting for DST approval.

    I've actually worked on a character sheet on my personal website in case I get to the playing stage on my game before they approve the DST.

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  • Kallak
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    It might not be listed anywhere, but yeah, message ChainsawXIV rather than support for DST approval. If he's not responding (which I have found he can sometimes be quite busy and take a bit to respond), that's certainly a problematic issue.

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