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Someone who's name shall not be mentioned, had said they didn't even realize that there was a comment button on the campaign homepage. Which I can sort of understand since the campaign homepage is usually one of the more visually  striking pages.  So I set about making the comment button a little more obvious. In my case, I enlisted the help of an animated short tempered alien to act as my ambassador to the comment section.

/* Comment Section*/

.small-12.columns.comment-count-column {

background-image: url(;

height: 300px;


background-repeat: no-repeat;


.comment-count-wrapper {

    height: 300px;


.comment-count-wrapper .count {

    padding-top: 250px;


.comment-count-wrapper dd{font-size:100%;}

So feel free to head on over and take a look and I'd do as my ambassador says.

They are among us!


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