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I'm running a D&D 5e campaign and noticed that the character sheet has a checkbox for gender with only two options. I think it should instead be a blank space that can be filled in with the player wishes, not only because of inclusion, but also because there are fantasy or science fiction species that might have no gender, or more genders than just male and female. It's just a little thing that didn't actually bother me until a good friend of mine who is also trans joined my campaign and pointed that out to me.


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    Hi Devilpants,

    The gender checkbox is not for the character's gender. It is a box to generate a male/female based random name. Many people confuse get confused by those checkboxes. I know i did. Gender is probably not the best label they could have used.

    Generate a couple random names and you will notice this. Also you'll notice that regardless of what you pick it doesn't show up as part of your actual character sheet.

    The DST character sheets typically have a blank space to be filled with your character's gender.

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    Well now I feel extraordinarily silly for suggesting this. Thanks for the quick reply!

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    Don't worry devilpants, you're most definitely not the first person to be confused by the Male-Female radio button check boxes on the character page. :-)

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