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Now that the new forums are in place, the first thing that came to mind was a dark theme.  I am not generally one for bright, sterile, white, and I find that it is generally harsher on the eyes.  A cool, accented dark theme would be a nice option to have in place.  It can even be set to a toggle for those who want to choose between light and dark.

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    And as technology moves to newer displays, darker themes will result in better battery/power economics.

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    Actually, I disagree with Mae on this.  I find dark (particularly black) backgrounds difficult on the eye.  However, I do agree that white is not the best either.  smiley

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    Personally, i like both light and dark themes, it is usually the execution of those themes that drives my choice.

    When i dont like any theme provided by a website, i just override their css. In many browsers you can override the css for specific websites you visit. You could whip up a custom css for the forums, if custom themes isn't on their to do list for awhile. 

    Or if the forum software only allows for one theme, we could have a combined oscillating white and dark theme. Just blink in synch with the desired theme's oscillations and all is good!  laugh 

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