Full changelog for my wiki?

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I had a question open for this a few months ago. Is there a way to see a full list of wiki changes for my site?


  • OPSupport
    Posts: 93
    At this time the site does not have a robust audit log for changes, revision management, etc.
  • ketherian
    Posts: 18
    There was a request (some time ago) to make the recent updates per campaign available as an rss feed. Unfortunately, there's a feed showing the recent updates for the entire site, but not one per campaign. :(
  • OPSupport
    Posts: 93
    That's a great feature idea. The site already has an RSS feed, so making one available at the campaign level could be a solution. I'll escalate that idea to the team and get it triaged & put into the product backlog.
  • weasel0
    Posts: 36
    I really do enjoy seeing features that died during changes making their way back into inclusion. My hopes for OP are seeing fresh life being breathed back into them. :-)
  • SkidAce
    Posts: 46
    I agree weasel.
  • Unkrn
    Posts: 1

    I also agree that this feature would be really nice.

  • byss66
    Posts: 7

    Adding my vote for this feature.

  • ketherian
    Posts: 203

    It has been a while for this feature. Any news?

  • Samus
    Posts: 2

    I would like this feature too. With a new, frequently updated campaign that would be a very helpful feature.

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