Can not start New topic in Forums on owned campaign

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For at least 3 weeks I think I have not been able to start New topic in Forums on my owned campaign. Is this a known problem? I can reply on ones already created.


  • Unknown
    First report I have heard about this. Could you drop a link to the campaign in question so I can take a look? Are others on the campaign also having the issue (I assume not since you mentioned you could reply but not create)?
  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Forum topics seem to be working fine for me. I added a new one and replied to an existing campaign forum post with no errors or difficulties.

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  • cgregory
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    Working for me as well.

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  • Dragnmoon
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    Here is the link
  • Dragnmoon
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    I figured out the problem. My Ascendant Membership did not renew. Once I renewed it Forums were up and running again.
  • Unknown
    Ahhh, that explains it. Glad to know we didn't have a new issue creeping in. Thanks for reporting back!
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