What a wonderfull tool this wiki is.... and hello

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I have played a lot of RPG, like Dungen and Dragons (2nd and 3rd edition) as well as Starwars Saga, GURPS, Werewolf and Vampire and several more games. But now it the 20 year old danich/swedich "Drager og D


  • arsheesh
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    Welcome to the Portal Warming! Glad to here you are learning how to make the most out of the tools here. There are a lot of really friendly and helpful people here at the Forums so if you need help with anything (e.g. you have any formatting questions) feel free to post your question here. Hope you have fun building your site!

  • RaseCidraen
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    Welcome to the portal Warming!
  • Everdark
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    Greetings and welcome to Obsidian Portal, Warming. Arsheesh pretty much covered it in his post so I'll just agree with what he said. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  • Duskreign
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    Wow, Warming! That sounds like a fantastic use of the wiki. Like the others, I, Duskreign, welcome you to the Obsidian Portal.

    I dig the idea of trading political barbs from one city to another, or from the city to land barons in the countryside, through the forums. That gives "Drager og D
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    I join my voice to the welcoming committee. This is, indeed, a wonderful tool, with almost unlimited possibilities. I was about to say that the only limitation is your own imagination, but that's also mot true, as that's one of the great things about the site...that you can also tap into others' imaginations, as well. And they (myself included) are always willing to share knowledge/inspiration.
  • DarkMagus
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    I know that Rase and/or Dusk are going to boo me off the forums for this but:

    Warm greetings to you sir!

    :) I couldn't resist...
  • Duskreign
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    Just imagine an ASCII facepalm here.
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  • Everdark
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    I approve. Being as I approve, it's 2 vs. 2, then.
  • DarkMagus
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    Shin, I'm glad someone got my call for backup!
  • Everdark
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    I got your back, bro.
  • Idless
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    As Warming is his real last name, you got nothing on the jokes we all cracked when he got a new apartment, and invited us all for a... wait for it... House Warming!

    As Warmings old GM, and introducer to OP I am proud that he picked up the GM Staff and doing a real good job about it too

  • Duskreign
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    You cannot hear it, but I am applauding. I love hearing that a player got up the courage to step up and DM, and I'm especially glad to hear that he's risen aptly to the occasion!
  • twiggyleaf
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    A Warming Welcome!

    I hope you have a splendid time sorting out your world on OP.


    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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  • Black_Vulmea
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    Welcome to the Portal, *Warming*. It _is_ a marvelous tool.

    Mike aka Black Vulmea
    "_Le Ballet de l'Acier_":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/le-ballet-de-l-acier - Swashbuckling adventures in the age of the Three Musketeers and Captain Alatriste
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