Link: 7 reasons why a zombie outbreak would fail

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I always use undead in my campaigns. I try not to, but they're just so fun. They're delightfully evil and creepy. Well, for those of us running worlds with the undead, here's a few helpful reminders, or maybe it's better as comic relief, I'll let you decide. Anyways I wanted to share this link about why a zombie outbreak would fail. It's both informative and funny. Enjoy.

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  • Embirsiphone
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    That is an awesome article I read it the other day and told a friend, he then reprimanded me about destroying his zombie destroying dreams :D
  • Poutine_Paladin
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    Honestly, I remember "Cracked" from when I was still young, but I don't remember it actually having anything remotely intelligent to say. Good piece. I've always believed that zombies were overrated threats (at least in film) and this explains exactly why I thought that, without really having to think about why I thought that.
  • optimus_mush
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    I once planned a gaming session where the players would play themselves (albeit outrageously enhanced) and we would begin the campaign sitting where we were doing exactly what we were doing: gaming in an apartment building. Screams in the hallway would herald the beginning of all-out zombie mayhem. The "players" would then get to travel around our own city, meeting up with zombified versions of our own friends, and not-friends and do to them as they wished.

    I never got around to putting this together, but I had a great idea for awarding the player with the most zombie kills with a one pound "Ground Beef Award".
  • DarkMagus
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    Glad to share some laughs. A friend shared this with me today and I felt obligated to pass it along. :)

    Also, sorry if I didn't format my link correctly, I was looking for some forum guidlines but didn't see any.

    Optimus-- Thats a cool idea. Reminds me of My Dinner With Andre, everyone is playing themselves as a character doing the kinds of things they do and saying the kinds of things they say.
  • RaseCidraen
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    Even scarier than Zombies are Zombeez. Beez are scary as heck. Beez that turn you into zombies are even worse.

    Darn it! Now I'm more hooked on this topic than I am about the UK's paper spacecraft program.
  • JonathonVolkmer
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    Awesome - that article raises some pretty legitimate points.
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