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Has anyone ever run a speed run campaign? My friend is wanting to do a 24 hour 3.5 session and start at lvl 1 and end at a decently high level. I'm not sure how well it would work out, but I figure that if I cut xp per level and give out more xp than I really should it should end around the mid 20's. Is this just a horrible idea? Or do you think it will be epic fun? Also, I don't really have time to write up all that stuff as it is sooner than I would like, so any good campaigns on obsidian that I could use as a basis?


  • Taloff
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    I ran in a 2e D&D game like this - leveling from 3rd to 9th, then back to 3rd in another class up to 5th - that spanned about 12 hours of play time across two sessions in two consecutive days. I don't remember a whole lot about the game beyond that it was a lot of fun, and both the players and the DM were playing pretty loose with the rules. XP flowed like water, the plot was virtually nonexistent, and the game ended when the DM got bored after siccing a 1,000 HP beholder with massive regeneration at us and we came out of it with minor injuries after a two-hour slugfest. Good times.

    I think it's a great idea to try. Don't get bogged down in rules minutiae, improv like it's a profession, and above all, have fun with it. The biggest problem with this type of game is keeping the energy levels high; oh so long ago, we battled this with high amounts of caffeine and by facing encounters that were more epic than the last. Hopefully this advice works for you and your group.
  • gnunn
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    I think this is a very interesting idea... I actually think the biggest challenge to game flow would be keeping the leveling process from bogging everything down. I know whenever my players level in my regular game, they take for-e-ver to figure out which stats, feats, spells etc. they want to add.

    Any ideas on how you would speed up the leveling? Multiple levels at once? Have players plot their progression in advance?
  • tsuba
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    Honestly I have put very little thought into it. I think cutting xp per level by half and creating a fictitious diety who awards xp for things that are humorous (to keep the atmosphere light as well as for leveling). Multiple levels at once is something I had not thought of, but it will definitely have a place. maybe have the first boss be a wyrmling and give them 3 or 4 levels off of it. Some of the players may be people who have never played before though, so depending on that, I may have to have the veteran players do all the leveling to keep the time spent on it down, and award xp for people who are helpful in this matter.
  • Falln
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    Don't work with experience. Create a scenario where players simply level after completing a certain quest.
    So you know when players will level. You'll need a lot of material as DM to guide such an adventure. So you'll need to prepare. You're inspiration will stop at a certain point of getting tired.
  • onsilius
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