• twiggyleaf
    October 2020
    Your borders look great to me. I am not the person to speak to about Tech though. I spent a lot of time developing my Mysteria site, but I got help with all my CSS stuff from Wolfhound. If you see anything on my Mysteria site that you want to use, be my guest. I can always make my CSS available to you by allowing you to be a Co-GM on my site for a while. See the site here: https://mysteria.obsidianportal.com/ By the way, I have also left a comment on your campaign and I will be voting for your site in November's Campaign of the Month. ❤
    • Dropbeartots
      I love the game you have going on there! My group has talked about playing characters who are all part of a traveling band before but the game never materialized, I'm a bit jealous as it sounds like a good deal of fun!
    • Dropbeartots
      There's a pretty cool border that @Gastoff gifted to me, I am just trying to see how to best implement the coding for it to make it look good. If I can't get it fixed the way I want it to look, I will be using what I have currently.
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