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Well July is just around the corner and once again there are a couple of campaigns that I would like to nominate to be featured for the coming month.

h3. Part I: "Shadowrun: Into the Breach":

_Into the Breach_ is currently the most popular Shadowrun campaign on the Portal, and it is no mystery as to why. The campaign's creator, Jimtriche has managed to fuse some of the best elements of the shadowrun cyberpunk genera (espionage, corporate intrigue, magical cabals, big guns that go "bang"), with some of the best elements from a myriad of other rpg generas (lost civilizations, steampunk era technology and good old fashion dungeon crawl) within his "sandbox" style campaign. Moreover all of this comes neatly packaged in one of the most innovative and artistic site layouts that I have seen!

h4. *Campaign Highlights*

Among the many features of _Into the Breach_ worthy of note are the following:

* _Innovative HTML and Graphics work_:
As previously mentioned, Jim has invested allot of effort into the layout of his site, both in terms of HTML/Textile formatting, and in terms of the graphic images that he has either created or found to adorn the site. _Into the Breach_ exudes the dark cybernetic aesthetic that is the hallmark of cyberpunk. I am not exaggerating when I say that this "site layout": is one of a very small handful of the coolest and most innovative on the Portal.
* _Character Dossiers_:
Jim has created a really clever set of dossiers for each of the characters in his campaign that is well worth checking out.
* _Karma, Achievements & Special Abilities_:
Jim has adapted a system that rewards players with cool character abilities both for in-game and meta-game contributions to the campaign.
* _Classifieds & News_:
Another really clever innovation to this campaign site is the introduction of a set of News stations and classified adds which offer a variety of story hooks. This allows for a great deal of story options for the players.
* _The Subterranean Village of Throal_:
I just love this idea! Seriously, you gotta read about "this": location for yourself.
* _Weapons, Vehicles & Equipment_:
_Into the breach_ contains a host of detailed, visually impressive entries on futuristic technology that ought to make any Shadowrun DM drool!

In Sum, _Shadowrun: Into the Breach_ is not only an excellent campaign in its own right, but an impressive exemplar of what can be done with a campaign site here on the Portal.


  • arsheesh
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    h3. Part II: "The Melekar Chronicles":

    _The Melekar Chronicles_ is a rising star among D&D homebrew campaign settings, as demonstrated by the site's many followers. The Chronicles doubles as both a campaign site for "Broken Empire", Gaaran's current campaign, and a compendium of his rich campaign setting which also chronicles the sundry deeds of a host of former campaigns also set in the world of Melekar. The current campaign is set a hundred and fifty years after "The Day of Death", a cataclysmic event which rocked the world, bringing down the old empire, and setting the world in turmoil. Gaaran has created an introductory video describing these events on his "home page":

    h4. *Campaign Highlights*

    There is much to praise about _The Melkar Chronicles_. Here are just a few items:

    * _Admirably Fleshed-Out Setting_:
    Gaaran has been working on building the world of Melekar for a number of years now, and has launched and completed nearly a dozen campaigns in this world (which is an impressive feat in and of itself!) As a result, he has had time to build a culturally, historically and geographically rich world for his players to explore. I also really enjoyed reading about some of the previous campaigns as well, there were some cool "epic" storylines in there that sound like they would have been allot of fun to be a part of.
    * _Great site layout_:
    What's more, Gaaran has also invested allot of effort into the presentation of his site. He has decorated the pages of the Chronicles with beautiful imagery, including graphic icons of his own design. In fact, Nicole (from "Tuesdays with Nicole") has recently made some "original artwork": of her own for the Melkar Chronicles. Likewise. Gaaramn has made good use of Grunn's wiki sidebar-system (in fact he has made some innovations of his own to the system).
    * _Rewards & Player Participation in the Site_:
    Like Jim, Gaaran has also adapted a system of achievements and prestige points that rewards players for in-game and meta-game contributions to the site. A few of his players have taken advantage of this system and have contributed some really well written character bios and character journals as well.
    * _Campaign Map_:
    Lastly, Gaaran has created his own "campaign map": for the world of Melekar that is definitely a must see (and he has also made a couple of regional and town maps as well)!

    To conclude, the "Broken Empire" is a fantastic campaign, and moreover _The Melekar Chronicles_ is a rich Campaign World that ought to serve as an inspiration to any DM attempting to create their own homebrew campaign setting.

    I thus am proud to nominate both _Shadowrun: Into the Breach_ and _The Melekar Chronicles_ for July's featured campaign of the month. Both campaign sites are worthy of recognition, and each would serve the Obsidian Portal community well as an exemplar of what to look for in a featured campaign.

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  • gaaran
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    Let me just start by saying that I'm flattered to even be nominated. I've been putting a lot of work into this site and my world recently, and I'm glad to see it shows :). I've really got my work cut out for me though, going up against the likes of Jim! :) Congratulations to us both, it's just too bad that we both can't win this month!
  • FrankSirmarco
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    I second the nominations - both are great choices! Good work, guys!
  • Hardhead
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    If I were picking two, these would be my picks as well. They're both on my favorites list. :)
  • JimTriche
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    ::bashful cheeks:: I appreciate the nomination, and I'm going against one of the first people that helped me out here too haha! How's that for a rub!

    Good luck Gaaran, Melekar has been on my favorites for a while now, it's great, and my own campaign wiki feels so incomplete when looking at yours!

    Arsheesh, thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate it greatly. I hope to keep making great use of the site to make it even more appealing.

    Frank, Hardhead, thank you guys as well, I think you guys' campaigns are also incredible, and it's incredibly high praise to hear a compliment from you two based on what I've seen of Cthulhu Supremus Est and Crucible.

    To paraphrase a couple of legends: "I'm Not Worthy, I'm Not Worthy! I'm Scum! I Suck!"
  • gaaran
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    I hear ya Jim, you're one of the first friends I made on here and I think we've both contributed to each others' campaigns and sites. It's a shame that only one of us can get picked for July (hopefully they'll pick us one right after the other ;).
  • JimTriche
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    LMAO, I was looking at yours just a second ago and my wife is like, "You should make a video too"

    Really honey? Let me just whip out a video willy nilly here.


    Fantastic link buttons and overall design gaaran. You got my vote.
  • Idabrius
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    I heartily agree with both of these nominations!
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