Sugestions for June: Something New and Something Old

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Hello again everyone. I have two recommendations for next month's featured campaign. The first is a campaign that has already been put forth, but that I believe deserves a much closer look. The second is a new campaign that I think is one of the best kept secrets on the Portal.

h2. Part I: "Abridged History of the 10th Age":

Abridged History is an AD&D campaign set within Idabrius' own campaign world of Arune, a setting which Idabrius has been working on for over a decade. Idabrius is a masters student in Medieval Studies, and it shows. His campaign setting is rich with myth, history and narrative all of which have an air of antiquity about them. Abridged History is reminiscent of the works of Tolkien, Glen Cook (author of _Black Company_) and Ed Greenwood (author of _Forgotten Realms_). This said, Idabrius' campaign world is not for the faint of heart. It is not the sort of fluff campaign that one can idly peruse. Like a fine wine or high caliber dark chocolate it's rich complexity calls for the full attention of the reader. Yet like these it is is also an exquisite treat that rewards those willing to respectfully approach it on its own terms.

h4. Campaign Site Highlights

There are many I highlights that might be pointed out, yet I can only name a few here:

* _Literary Excellence_:
As previously mentioned, Abridged History is chalk full of history and narrative, all of which is presented from the perspectives of those living within Arune. Idabrius has an entire wiki page devoted to historical accounts, music and verse written by those dwelling within Arune. In addition, most wiki pages begin with a delicious bit of flavor text. Here is just one example of a bit of text that prefaces Idabrius' entry for the ruined Elven city of Cathadria:

bq). _


  • arsheesh
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    h2. Part II: "Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness":

    Dawn of Darkness is a Saga Edition campaign set within the post-Clone Wars, pre-New Hope Star Wars universe. Rather than summarizing this campaign myself, I'm going defer to the wonderful summary provided by Dyluth, the campaign's author and DM:

    bq). The CLONE WARS have ended, the separatist Confederacy has been defeated, the Galactic Empire has risen from the remains of the ancient Galactic Republic, and the year that has passed since has seen the dawn of the DARK TIMES. The once glorious Jedi Knights have fallen, scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy. Soldiers of the wars now struggle to seek out their place in this New Order, while scoundrels and smugglers search for opportunity in the madness of these times. Darkness lurks in all the corners of the universe, as even the Force itself is in upheaval. Yet in this upheaval a great plan has been formed. A plan that will bring four unlikely heroes together for an adventure unlike any before. The pieces have been set. Events are now in motion that cannot be stopped. The dawn of darkness approaches, and these four heroes will soon find that the fate of the galaxy is held in their hands. The path they walk is not yet chosen
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  • JimTriche
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    Out of the two, I would say the Star Wars campaign should get the nod. Sci-Fi definitely falls behind to pure fantasy in most RPG systems, and I say give the devil his due. The fact that _10th Age_ has already been featured is also a contributing factor. I imagine learning more about Idabrius would be awesome, but the questions from OP are similar each month and I like reading about new people too.

    Nothing but love for Idabrius mind you, 10th is an AWESOME campaign and he's an awesomely helpful and nice member, and certainly deserving of the recognition, I just want to see something new.
  • arsheesh
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    As a general rule, I would tend to agree Jim that it's best to stick with recommending new material. Course every now and then, a really good campaign might slide through the cracks and warrant another "bump." Such, I believe, is the case with the 10th age, but let the mods and the OP community be the judge of that.
  • Idabrius
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    Wow, Arsh, I do love to see myself inflated through the words of others, and for that I humbly thank you. Perhaps some day we will both share the honor of having graced the front page of the Portal -- your work with graphics and buttons is quite good, and as soon as I'm done with my comps I will definitely be giving a more indepth look at your portal.

    Same goes for you, Jim: really top-quality work from what I've had time to look at so far.
  • JimTriche
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    I appreciate it. And I appreciate the tools being here to use.
  • Dyluth
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    Seeing this thread is a very welcome surprise Arsheesh to be sure! I'm definitely honored just to have Dawn of Darkness mentioned along side a very excellent AHot10A. As Idabrius put it your own work Arsheesh is as deserving as the "Featured Campaign" honor as any others, especially since you've gone out of your way to help OP members like me improve our own campaign sites with advice, tips and direction.
  • gaaran
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    I agree, they should start having a featured member section for helpful community members :). Arsh, you'd definitely get the nod there (and your campaign ain't half bad either ;). I also agree that Dyluth's Star Wars campaign, upon cursory inspection, looks fantastic, and it would be cool to see a sci-fi game take the cake. I also love the Star Warsy look to all the graphics, looks great!

    Edit: I must say, the Abridged History of the 10th age is quite impressive and detailed too! Both are deserving.
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