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First off, I'd like to congratulate Grunn once more for receiving the featured campaign of the month. That said I would like to nominate two other newer campaign sites for next month's featured campaign.

h2. Part I: "Las Cronicas del Valle del Nentir":

Las Cronicas is a 4e D&D campaign set within the Nentir Vale that makes use of several popular modules (including _Keep on the Shadowfell_ and _Thunderspire Labyrinth_) published by Wizards of the Coast. Sandman begun construction of his Las Cronicas site just under a couple of months ago. Yet within this relatively short span of time, he has done a tremendous amount of work to flesh out both his campaign, and the region in which it is set. Even a causal glance at the beautiful imagery and detailed wiki entries of Las Cronicas will reveal the amount of care that has gone into building this site.

h4. Campaign Site Highlights

As indicated by the name of the campaign, this site is written in Spanish. While this may pose a language barrier for many English speaker here at the OP (though I am told that the Google Chrome browser offers a translation feature that might get around this),nevertheless there is still much about Sandman's site to recommend it as a candidate for May's Featured campaign:

* _Breathtaking Imagery_:
See for instance his entries on "Deities":

* _Innovative use of HTML_:
Sandman's "Armory Vault": is a must see. Also check out his "Magic Items Records Sheets": now featured on ChainsawXIV's Helps and Tips sticky. Also, just an aside, many of the pictures and icons on Sandman's campaign site are linked to previous pages, so let that be a tip for you when navigating through this site.

In addition to these site features, Sandman has also been a regular contributor to the OP forums and has frequently offered formatting advice to those seeking help with HTML.

h2. Part II: "Yggdrasil Saga":

Yggdrasil Saga is a 3.5e campaign set within the world of Eberron that revolves around the themes of powerful underground organizations, covert operations and airships capable of inter-dimensional travel. Like Sandman, DiceMasterNick began construction of his site fairly recently, yet has been prolific in the amount of detail that he has added to the Yggrasil Saga. The site is rich in both imagery and interesting campaign related information.

h4. Campaign Site Highlights

The Yggdrasil Saga offers several features that set it apart from the average campaign site, making it an attractive option for a featured campaign:

* _Site Navigation is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing_:

* _Highly creative story-telling_:
Nick has a knack for writing as demonstrated by his "Creation Myth":, some of his unique "NPC bios": and his adventure logs. Here is a a preview from his first adventure log:

bq). A woman in skin tight leathers paces nervously back and forth in a dark room while her superior sits calm and calculating before a great mechanized plainer mobile. As the arms of the outer plains swing around the material plain like oversized electrons around a massive nucleus they discuss their plans for the future.
...even still, I cant understand why we are investing so many resources into them. We could build an army with the time and money we


  • sandman
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    Thanks for nominating my campaign Arsheesh, I'm honored (and surprised too, I didn't except to see this on the forums).

    As for the campaign I'm DMing, it's the official adventure/campaign WotC has published since 4e came out. I started with the beggining adventure from the DMG1 (Fallcrest - Kobold Hall), and will continue with: Heroic 1 (finished already)- H2 - H3 -- Paragon 1 - P2 - P3 -- Epic 1 - E2 - E3.

    The party has just started playing H2 so they still have a long journey ahead, and I'm uploading the progression they made so far in the Adventure Log.

    As for the language, I know it's a pain in the @ss, but keep in mind I'm from Argentina so it's my native language.

    Regardless of the nomination, I'm glad I decided to be part of this community, it's full of friendly people and everyone help each other.
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  • DiceMasterNick
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    You are a gentlemen and a scholar arsheesh.
    Thank you for the nomination, but more than that, your depiction of the "highlights" of my campaign is a most flattering complement.
  • arsheesh
    Posts: 850
    Well you guys have each done an amazing job with your campaign sites and it has been a pleasure to watch them develop. Good luck to both of you.
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